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Received this email sometime back and found it in spam folder! This could be something useful and genuine from a pws in Australia (it is free); Can some one please check it out and leave a review under comments? Here it goes:

Dear TISA, I am please to announce and to give all your members a free
gift. Please read below and forward to the appropriate people for

Hello fellow person who stutters, today I start to roll out a global
gift for you all. The first of many gifts. I am the research leader for
the Technologies for Empowering People for Participation in Society
(TEPPS) programme ( ) and also a lecturer at the University of Ballarat, Australia (
). I am also a person who stutters. Our aim is to make “assertive
technologies” free for world use. Assertive Technologies are designed to
enable people to use and make positive life changes. Today I give to
you three years work with Scenari-Aid. Scenari-Aid started as a DVD with
25 digitally recorded scenarios for people in need to work through. In
the case of a PWS that may be for speech, technique transference and
even perhaps social confidence. The aim is to take your practice within
Scenari-Aid into the real world. I distributed over 1000 copies of this
DVD free of charge. The original webpage for the DVD is here

But now Scenari-Aid is a streaming website with over 100 scenarios to
work through. Again free of charge. Keep in mind that this is a work in
progress and mobile/tablet interoperability is not quite ready yet. We
run on a very small budget and chase whatever funding we can. Also keep
in mind the beautiful story of community. Everyone you see recorded is
from my home city of Ballarat. They all volunteered their time and
locations because they believed in the vision. They wanted to help us
out. It also has many other uses and users also.

I hope you enjoy and I hope you can put to use Scenari-Aid. This is the first of our initiatives to be announced globally.
Please check this application out and pass onto your members and interested people.
(Grant Meredith)

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  1. admin 5 years ago

    Its been four days that i have sent an enquiry mail to the coordinator of the australia based response till date..

    The mail to you from the ozzy site must have been seen as an unsolicited viral advertisement campaign by your email provider security filters..and was pushed to the confines of SPAM folder…


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