Speeches, Advertisements and ‘Patolis’

This is a report of SHG meeting we had on 11th
Aug. Apologies for the delay…
Today (11th Aug), the meeting was attended by-
Sankalp, Rahul, Dnyanesh, Harish, Vikas, Siddharth and
Sagar. (Left to Right in the photo)
We welcomed Vikas Ranga- from Delhi, who was attending
the meeting for the first time. Vikas is presently working in Goa. 

We had introductions with a twist. First we all
introduced ourselves with our names, hobbies and by stating “I wish I was now
in….” (any place / wish you have)
Then, we had another round, wherein everybody had to
repeat the introductions of the person to his left. This also tested our
listening skills.
Vikas then shared what he learned from Dr. Sachin in
Dehradhun. He talked about consciously using techniques while talking. We all
tried this by taking turns.
Sankalp then gave a presentation (short speech) which he
had recently read in an article- the importance of Focus. It was a 5 mins
speech, but using all his toastmasters skills (oh yes, he’s a toastmaster) –
Superb opening, involving the audience and good organization.
Then it was time for some fun. We divided ourselves in
teams (2 teams) and each team acted on an advertisement by thinking of an
impromptu script. Vikas, Sagar and Harish acted on an ad on Smartphones, and
Sankalp, Rahul, Dnyanesh and Siddharth acted on an advertisement on Fairness
Cream. Both the advertisements were hilarious, and we are not seriously
thinking of starting an ad agency 😉

Finally, the meeting ended with Harish’s mimicry, and
Sagar had brought “Patoli”- a Goan sweet, which is prepared on the day of Naag
. (Thanks Sagar). 

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  1. admin 6 years ago

    Good write up. Harish, You are meeting once in a fortnightly or once in a month?. Weekly meetings are the best. At least meet once in a fortnight. All the best to Gos SHG.

  2. Sachin 6 years ago

    OK- so Vikas has landed in Goa! Wow! Sounds like a promotion..I am sure Goa SHG will enjoy his company..

  3. admin 6 years ago

    Thanks Mani Sir. We meet once a fortnight. We next meet on 25th Aug.

    @Dr. Sachin: Yes, we love Vikas's company and also his superb acting skills 🙂


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