Gallup poll on a galloping train!

(This is from our archives: Two pws, returning from 2nd NC, conduct an amazing survey of 200 potential pws in a moving train; they were arrested by RPF; Dinesh got them released on bail..)*  Editor :))

Before coorg meeting,we
had already reserved our train ticket from Bangalore to new delhi.The three
days  meeting has  overed on 1st oct,we were planning
same day for left to bangalore.Because we had to take our train from bangalore
railway station.We had feared that we will miss our train.and we couldn’t take
risk.But we postponded twice our program,because Dinesh sir were not ready to
sent us.JP sir told us I have also taken rail from same station and same

day(i.e.2nd oct).So he suggested us we all will go together
 early in the morning on 2nd
Oct . We reached(Ravi
and Me) at around 6 30pm at bangalore railway station.We found our seat.and
took some rest,because we had already done a long journey from coorg to
bangalore,now we have to move towards delhi,around two and half days more.After
a few time ravi and me taken our dinner,and after dinner,we started talk with
each other.We both were full of energy after coorg event,so we planned to make
a survey on stammering on train.We decided this,and planned for next day for
the survey.
Next day we awake up
around 9 am(BHUT ACHI NEEND AAYI THI).Then we got fresh.We had taken our
tea.And started our survey,we planned,i.e.firstly we both will tell people
about ourself.Then we will taken their views on stammering.Now we started…a man
was sitting with us on the same seat,we thought,we should start with this guy.I
start firstly….I said to him ”sir,kya hum dono apse paanch mint baat ker sakte
hai”?We were using b b bouncing and prolongation.He allowed us:-Then ravi
said”sir hum dono haklate hai,hakla ker baat kerte hai,to haklahat ke bare main
aap kya sochte hai?apke kya openion hain,kya yeh koi bimaari hai and low
confidence ke kaaran hota hai”?Then man replied to us:-According to me
yaar,haklahat koi bimaari nah hai,yeh bachpan se kisi ho sakti hai,and hum
ise(SOCIETY) koi bhut badi problem bhi nah samjhte hai,haan hum, samjh sakte
hai ki kisi ko bolne main problem hai,to uski baat hamen dhyaan se sunni
chahiye.tum dono ne abhi jo poocha ya jo bola,who mujhe ache se samjh aaya,so
haklahat ke bare main jayada tension nah leni chahiye.then we thanked him,and
went to another people,we said  same sentences,and also asked some
questions from people.Our mainly questions were:-1.Haklahat ke bare main aapke
kya vichaar hai?2.Yeh kaise hoti hai?3.Kya yeh theak ho sakti hai?4.kya apne
apni life main kisi haklaane wale person ko dhekha hai? We were on our mission.
Then we went to other person.The man said:-guys I have a joke on stammer
people,we listen his joke,and we also tell him joke on stammer people.And he
also give his views on stammering,he say haklahat god ka gift hai and yeh theak
ho sakti hai and iski jayada tension nah kerni chahiye,jaise ho tum use accept
kero and life ka enjoy kero.A lady was also sat there,we also said her…”Aunty
ji aap bhi btaye apne openion?”Then lady said-“Haklahat sayad main to yehi
samjhti hoon ki god ka gift hai,god aise hi chhate ho and jyada nah sochna
chahiye ki hamen koi problem hai,bus haklahat to mamuli problem hai”.Then we
continued with other people.We have talked more then 200 people on the
train,everyone give his/her openion.Kuch ne kaha god gift hai,kuch ne haabit
kaha,kisi ne doctor se milne ko kaha,kisi ne kaha enjoy kero,kisi ne kaha
stammering is nothing,kisi ko stammering ke baare main pta hi nah…and kuch ne kaha speech therapist se milo!!Then what
we found conclusion from the survey,that in our society only 20% log hi
haklahat ka mjaak bna sakte hai,other 80% people isko serious lete hai.
And haklane wale logo ki baat sunte
hai and support bhi kerte hai,stammering koi bhut badi problem nah hai.It is
minor,Friends ager hum hakla ke bhi logo se baat kerte hai,to woh humen sunte
hai,hum preshaan hai to sirf apni haklahat ke darr ki wahaj se, na ki haklahat
se.apne darr ko khatm kerne ki kaushish Karen,kisi bhi talking situation main
daren na.Do,whatever you want to do.KHUD KO ES KAABIL BNA LENA CHAHIYE  KI
COMMINACTION.As sachin sir says stammering is nothing,and enjoy keren apni
stammering ka, logo ko ja ke btao ki main haklata hoon,and apni city main SHG
start kerne ki kaushish kero,try to attend TISA’s events logon se jyada se
jayada baat keren.And believe in your self.
And one more interesting thing,which
I want to tell you all,during our survey,we met with some of muslim people,we
started talk with them,firstly we give our intro to them,and them what we
are,i.e.Hum dono haklane wale ladke hai,to haklahat ke bare main aap sabhi apne
vichaar dijiye.
And they replied to us very
well:-bhai jaan haklahat allah ki marzi se hoti hai.Allah jaisa chhata
hai,waisa hota hai,and yeh koi bhut badi problem nah hai.,bus hai to hai,kya
ker sakte hai.We asked them:-“kya aap kisi haklaane wale logon se mile hain ya
dhekha ho?”They Replied:-haan bhaijaan bhut hai,bhuton se mile hai.Then one of
them told a story to us:-“Allah ne jab es sansaar ko banaya tha to,allah ka ek
friend the,uska naam NEEVA tha,who bhi haklaane wale person the.Allah ne use
stammer bnaya tha,uska kaam tha jo log allah ko bhool ker,allah ko yaad nah
kerte,and galat kamon main lag jaate hai,unko sahi raah pe chalaana”To aap
sabhi stammer us allah,god ke friend ho.We then clapped for him.We were very
happy from our this survey,first time hamne itne saare logo se khul k baat
ki.and we both were extremely very happy,it happens because of TISA ans SHG,and
with the help of our friends.
Keep in touch with each-other.Enjoy

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  1. admin 7 years ago

    WOW! Talking to 200 strangers in a single day. This should go to Guinness book of records. Hats off to both of you.I think you learned 6 month experience of attending SHG meeting just in a single day. Really great! Keep it up guys and all the best.


  2. admin 7 years ago

    WOW!! TISA events to chamatkar karnae lage hain 🙂 200 people!!! Vinod you and Ravi should be very very proud of this amazing feat!

  3. admin 7 years ago

    Thanks a lot manimaran and JP sir..!! It happens,only and only because of TISA and coorg event.Because me and ravi was full of energy after attending Coorg meet…and we decided to do something different…!!and we did survey…and also we enjoyed a lot bouncing technique…!!

  4. admin 7 years ago

    Wow! Ise kahate hain asli TOOFAAANI… Kam.
    Keep it up.

  5. Sachin 7 years ago

    Wonderful, Vinod!
    Just keep practicing these skills for 9 months or more..

  6. Ravi Prajapati 7 years ago

    This thing happened only from TISA. Thanks Vinod for posted this report. I hope next time, We will break this record with you.

  7. admin 7 years ago

    Ya ya sure ravi….!!We will..!!

  8. Sachin 6 years ago

    I have put up this post, just to let readers know, what NC can do to your delicate Psyche ("permanent damage" but of good kind!)..
    Just a little spoof! Dinesh, Ravi & Vinod, hope you guys dont mind..

  9. lashdinesh 6 years ago

    Good one Sir!!
    2 PWS talking to everyone on train is still unbelievable feat.. it should go in Guinness book of world records!!

  10. lashdinesh 6 years ago

    Good one Sir!!
    2 PWS talking to everyone on train is still unbelievable feat.. it should go in Guinness book of world records!!


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