Bangalore SHG August 24, 2013 meetup report

That was very nice day because it was Saturday and I am waiting for this day eagerly because I have to go to SHG class. The climate was nice and temperature was ok and the time 2.00pm. I was rushing to  the class and I was little late. But today what I saw the PWS quantity is little less but I am happy at least there were some(Dinesh,Abhinav,Nishil,Sairam,Avnish,Piyush,Naneshwar and Me).

Next, I would like to thanks Avnish. Who did a nice work on find out some scams which done by Indian politicians. Then we started “reading and discussion” on those topics. Nareshwar started the first scam and after he discuss in very well manner. After Sairam started and he’s explanations always nice. Then Nishil in a loud and enthusiastic way he started. Then my turn. After Abhinav in a comedy way and very nicely explained. Then Dinesh he is always rocks. Piyush was also nice and well explanation .

Last was Avnish and he knows a deep knowledge about scams so he elaborate the things and it was pretty nice. Now we had left 15-20mins in that we were discussing about politics and general topics. EOD Dinesh was asking for who will give speech and other thing. The day was good and I enjoyed.


PS- This week Akash took initiative to write report. This is his very first report 🙂 … Please ignore typos or grammatically incorrect sentences as English is not his fist language like many of us. Looking forward for more write ups from him in future. That’s all from Bangalore SHG this week. See you all next week.

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  1. Dnyanesh 5 years ago

    I enjoyed my first Banglore meet up
    thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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