News happened at TISA Hyderabad Chapter meetup – 22 Sep

Writeup by Ramu – 
Finally I was at the SHG  meeting spot for which I usually wait for whole week….

We are 8 members for the meetup.
Today meeting went quite interesting. We enjoyed a lot. I found answers to my doubts which are roaming in my head from past weeks.Today we had a beautiful activity in which we shared our feelings.It was really awesome.
Members who attended for today’s meeting were..
1)Asif 2)Suman 3)Shiva 4)Rajesh 5)Dev Mehta 6)Ramu 7)Ramandith 8)Pourna
Activities in meeting are……
2)Introduction(not a regular intro some what different one)
3)Humorous Speeches(every one gave their humorous speeches)
4)Feedback from every member to everyone.
5)Asking every member – what they are expecting from TISA(this round has taken us to a far extent..,we started sharing our childhood experiences, some emotions were added to that and it finally made us to share our feelings with each other..)
We had made our meeting  successfully by following above activities.
Finally we signed off our meeting and waiting for next weekend to strengthen our speech patterns.       
Together We Step Up 🙂 Together We Succeed 🙂
Contact below members for further details.
Rajesh 96 76 82 0007    email id: rajesh.jaca”at”gmail”dot”com 
Ramu   8143344240       email id: hyd.rams93″at”gmail”dot”com
Siva      94942159776     email id: dinakantri336″at”gmail”dot”com
Vijay     9985650423       email id:
Sumanth 9441654509     email id: srisumanth4″at”gmail”dot”com
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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Yes, becoming aware of our feelings is an important aspect of self-therapy for a pws..Once we become AWARE, these feelings resolve by themselves quite often..


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