Delhi SHG Meeting on 22nd Dec at Noida sector 40 besides of Sai Mandir

Delhi SHG Meeting :::

“Decreasing Sensitivity to stuttering is one side of the coin, 
and building fluency is the other side”

Timing :: 11 am(Sharp)
Host :: Amit Dixit

This time Delhi meeting is going to be held in Sec-40,Noida near Sai mandir.

You have to de-board on Golf Course metro station.From Golf course metro ,

park is at walking distance.Ask any body the way for Sai mandir.Park is 

beside,Sai mandir.

Here is a beautiful Park that has so many circular and rectangular benches 

across the park.A Sai mandir and Vaishno devi mandir is also near by.A 

brahmkumari’s center is also there if some one wants to go there, he/she 

would go after meeting.Overall its a nice place.

The main Agenda is this meeting is that every PWS has to host atleast one 


for details:
Contents written by Amit Dixit(host)


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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Good idea. Amit, you should have some options for those who dont want to host an activity- may be something like- Vol.Stamm. with five "uncle ji" in the park!! They can chose what they want to do.. :))

  2. admin 5 years ago

    sure sir..sir as realised developing leadership skills always help in stammering one activity was just one task in the meeting.By the way evry one was much impressed in today's meeting by this new experiment..they were advocating to do this in every meeting 🙂 :-).waiting for feedback and report.


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