There is no ‘i’ in team but there is in win. Bangalore SHG Weekly Report March 2nd 2014

(on behalf of Pramod.)

……………….In coverstion with Thenna, Anshuman, Anna, Karthik, Pramod, Manoj, Prabhakaran and Naman.

Hi All,

It was a quiet and pleasant Sunday with the showers just have happened the previous night. The day started with some relaxation and feel good exercises guided by karthik. It was a refreshing experience, as each of the areas which tense up during speech was acknowledged and made to RELAX!

This was followed by a relaxed and an informal round of introduction along with one sharing of the past week.

The group then moved towards slow reading on the topic ‘Corruption in India’. This exercise when hit with the right flow and synch instantly provides an assurance to any PWS that all is still well. It gives an idea of your non-stammering voice! This was a collective article gathered by Anna.

The approximate money calculated only of bribes and tokens amount to a whopping figure which is sufficient to start a whole new nation! One thing we all got to know through the article is that almost all public sectors are hit by corrupt practices at various degrees.

We then had a few prepared speeches from the members. Manoj spoke about rain water harvesting highlighting about the benefits of it and the disadvantages if we don’t conserve water. Since he has witnessed such an activity at his native and also has seen the wastage in the cities, his speech had that ‘concern factor’.

Naman did have a quasi-prepared speech. He shared some of his experiences of the year gone by-2013. The topic was a catchy one – ‘Good and bad things that happened to him in the year 2013’. There was an instant connect with his topic as it reminded of the things we have and the ones we have left behind – intentionally or just slip away.

The next speaker was Karthik and he shared about his experience at Jindal Nature Camp. The 10-12 days of complete indulgence in nature and its pampering had him wishing for more.
As soon as we had finished this exercise, we were met by a Television Channel who wanted to record a few videos airing the city’s changing weather. Naman happened to volunteer first and gave his best shot. He seemed to enjoy talking his heart out and to be in front of the camera. This did bring cheerfulness in others as well as a little anxiety as to who would be next.

Then the anchor turned towards Prabhakaran. He seemed a little weary at the beginning but soon managed to get comfortable and emerged with all smiles.
The anchor then asked who else had a grip over kannada and I just said ‘I can’ and put went ahead. Had I not said ‘I’ at the first instant and had he asked the second time I bet my weekend I would not have volunteered!

I would leave my ‘performance’s feedback to the group who witnessed it.
This was an unexpected but awesome experience.

Thenna had some good table topics and the members went one by one. Each person was given two minutes to speak and the members did justice to this.

The last activity for the day was Group Discussion and the topic we chose was ‘did the British Influence on India do good or bad to the country’. This was a healthy discussion and the group came up with some interesting points.

(on behalf of Pramod.)


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  1. admin 5 years ago

    Great Bangalore members. As usual, always rocking. I suggest everyone to practice either a speech therapy or slow reading technique.
    Because, pws seldom uses their speech mechanism like mouth,tongue, lips etc to its full extent which results hardening of speech mechanism. These mechanisms to be made relax by opening mouth fully with more articulation of tongue.
    No doubt, public speaking, giving interviews to the TV channels would certainly boost pws confidence which indirectly helps in improving their speech.
    To my opinion, this will be more helpful for mild pws, whose speech mechanism might not toughened that much than severe pws.
    For moderate and severe pws, I suggest to practice some kind of technique one hour daily for one year to overcome their stammering.
    If they don't know any technique, they are always welcome to Chennai centre, stay here for 2 or 3 days. I will teach.

  2. Sachin 5 years ago

    Great documentation..thanks!

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