Journey till NOW: I stammer, but that is less Important to me Now!

It has been 8 months I am associated with TISA. Initial months were OK, trying to understand what TISA is! Since I attended NC in Delhi, I became active. We had Comm WS at Pune in Dec 2013 led by Dr. Sachin. Also I had an opportunity to conduct Comm WS at Pune in Feb 2014. Next I am planning to have Comm WS at Pune in May, so folks around Pune will also attend during holidays. 

The reason I am writing this today, I am finding there is a peculiar change in me since last few months.I am currently not at all worried about stammering. I have accepted stammering with me entirely. I have told to my boss, peers, team, friends, family that I stammer. Also I did not hesitate to openly talk in professional life to a large group, that I stammer. I have given presentation to clients without any fear about Stammering. So if I have to say if there is any solution to overcome stammering is ACCEPTANCE in FULL. 

But another thing which I am noticing currently is Stammering is one part of our life, there are lot more good and bad traits I have seen after I noticed that Stammering is no more an obstacle to me.


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  1. abhishek 5 years ago

    Dear Virendra Sir,
    I am also practicing acceptance. And it is helping me. Thanks for sharing this encouraging post:)

  2. Sachin 5 years ago

    Yes, this is what TRUE recovery is all about .. and it is all in your own control..
    Keep walking and sharing..

  3. admin 5 years ago

    thanks Virendra ji for sharing your experience with Tisa.
    ACCEPTANCE is the base of good communication skill .
    so for severe PWS, it is better to accept openly and must do WORK on communication skill to IMPROVE It. Acceptance is only for improvemnent , not to sit and accept negatively as fate.

  4. admin 5 years ago

    Thank you, all. Thank you TISA. Thank You Sachin Sir. This is just beginning of new fearless journey towards self realization, I feel.

  5. admin 5 years ago

    Dear Virendra,
    You accepted your stammering 100%.
    Here afterward, no one will stop you.

  6. admin 5 years ago

    Dear Virendra,
    You accepted your stammering 100%.
    Here afterward, no one will stop you.


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