Interview: two

As I have told you, I have given my
first interview and was preparing for next. I was called to report at 1pm. I walked
in and came to know that there is a delay in the interview process. So I waited
and waited and finally my name was called at 7:15pm. I got up and followed the
volunteer. He directed me to a room. Firstly I was to be interviewed by a
technical person but he transferred me to HR. So the HR person interviewed me. He
was a nice guy and a very patient person. Firstly he told me to introduce
myself. I told him about me, my hobbies etc. After that he asked some technical
questions and I answered them. I must
say that he was the first man I have seen
who was following every basic definition of a good communication. Firstly he
was letting me speak and after I have expressed myself only then he was
starting. Even I forgot this principle sometimes, but he didn’t, even for a
single time. After that he asked some more question about my hobbies. Like what
you write about? I answered it. Then he said that he has asked what he has to. If
I have any question, I can ask. So I asked him something about company and got
my answer.
                What I liked
about this interview was that he was a very good listener. He maintained constant
eye contact with me throughout the interview and yeah, I forgot to smile. Once in
the middle of interview I thought of smiling but that would have been very
awkward moment. So after the interview I asked a question. He smiled at the
question and then answered it. After that I said thank you, shook his hand and
what do you think, Will I get selected? Well, I know the answer and with the
grace of God and some people who encouraged me day before (Sachin sir, people
responded to my last post and one of my friends too), it is a yes. I have got
placed in Infosys.  A lot of my friends
have told me that I am not looking happy with it. I think the reason is, I never
thought of getting selected in second attempt. I am also surprised. I had
thought that I will get lucky after several attempts. But this miracle has
happened. I think this time, God was with me.

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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Keep on cultivating good communication, both verbal and written..start a shg at work place.. Send a note of thanks to that HR…

  2. abhishek 4 years ago

    congrats and all the best for job 🙂


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