Anti Climax!

Few days back, ‘he’ phoned me; Yes, this young fire-cracker was most popular in NC, he had lot of fun; spoke non-stop and entertained us; we understood him very well in spite of a little stammering here and there. He could be called MR NC, I think! But on phone, now after a few days, he was in panic:
“My parents are saying- ‘Rascal, you went to Khandala to improve your speech! And you have come back worse off!’ Now I have got to go to my village; How will I make villagers and my parents understand? Has my stammering really become worse? what do you say?”
The answer I gave him, I will not share here (it is funny)! But the question is: The wonderful atmosphere that we created in NC, which helped us so much for those three days- how do we create it here and now, in our homes, in our offices and colleges, in our neighbourhood?
It seems daunting but it is doable. Talk, talk, talk, talk about stammering. Educate people. Share your thoughts and feeling. But dont become emotional. Dont get angry or upset if someone does not agree with you immediately. Respect them and still share your point of view. Always believe, that stammering is neither a crime nor sin. Live this idea every moment. Be fearless. Inspire other pws.
A movie may have many anti-climax but finally Good always wins over Evil. TISA ki movie me tum Heero ho. Tumhari jeet nischit hai. Kyonki Dar ke age jeet hai..


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  1. admin 4 years ago

    "Stammering is neither a crime nor a sin", this is the message I will take with me:-)

    Many thanks!!

  2. admin 4 years ago

    @Sachin Sir
    You had always made thing easy for us.
    Thank You Sir

  3. Pramod Maurya 4 years ago

    @ Sachin Sir
    I have got my answer


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