My congratulations to you on the
occasion of International Stuttering Awareness Day. I have decided to use this
day to assess how much I am aware of my stuttering and would share with you
some interesting things.
Before I begin, let me ask you a
question, forget for a moment as yourself being a stutterer-
Whom do you want to listen to? One
who speaks the words as if always in haste or the one who speaks with good

When I analysed my recorded
conversations, I found that at non problematic words I was unable to pronounce words as it should be, let alone the stuttered words, so it further complicates
the already fractured speech to the listener. The reason that I found is those fluent
words are most often spoken in haste to compensate for the blocked, fumbled
& struggled words. Our subconscious mind perhaps wants other to know that ‘Believe
me I am fluent, I don’t know why I stuttered on some words before,see I am fine at other words’ and it’s a vicious
cycle and we seldom comes out of it until a well conscious decision is taken.

Since a month I am working on my diction. I make sure that every blogs, article that I read is pronounced with clarity. Earlier I didn’t attach much significance to this as I was unaware of the fact that it has got to do with communication skills also.

Ask why? As a stammerer we are obsessed with not well understood by others, are not we? In fact I have noticed that during the conversation, we stutter on not more than 40 % of words used, yet this 40 % rules the larger half.  In short we let these 40 % problematic words overshadow these 60 % of non problematic ones.

As a result of consistent  practice,my speaking is becoming clear and a bit slow and I enjoy talking to my friends, colleagues,
family with a sense of accomplishment that I can speak well.
Today also marks my  57th days of writing “Good things
about today” in my daily journal. I have been doing this since 24th
august. This has facilitated as record book of my major activities such as the
time that I woke up at, calls that I made, place that I visited, tasks that I
did for everyday.
I know ” repetition is the key to habit “.
Thank you.

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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Congrats Kundan! Superb analysis. Not only oral, your written communication has improved muchsince the time I have known you…Practice is the key.

  2. admin 4 years ago

    I sincerely thank you sachin sir for the consistent support and motivation you offered.


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