Testimony from Ludhiana

Hello everyone, i am P_ A_ from ludhiana and i would like to share about my stammering experience with you.
As i remember i have been stammering since i was in 3rd standard. My
parents were not that awared about stammering and its effects on a
person, so they did not take it seriously and never consulted to any
doctor or speech therapist. It did nt cause any serious problem with me
and my thoughts for some years because i was not noticing it. But as i
reached my 9th standard, i changed my school and other classmates
started to make fun of my stammering and at that time it made my life
very difficult.
I used to skip my starting days of every year of school
because new teachers ask every students to introduce to the class.
However i finished my school days and the worst experience was my
college days. It was the most painful phase of my life and my stammering
became worst at that time. I was not able to speak a single word
correctly and there were only blocks, and big blocks. My life became
very miserable and i lost concentration from my studies. I started
bunking lectures to hide my stammering. I used to cry in the nights and
never shared my feelings with my friends or family members.
Then after
doing a lot of search i found tisa and i started reading posts about
stammering. Then i found that i was not alone and there were many people
like me who were living in same situation as i was and also, some
people were very successful in their life despite of their stammering and
the most important thing i got to know was acceptance. I started
following tisa posts. Rarely commented in any post(only commented once)
but i was reading all the posts and followed this blog for three years.
also attended 2 or 3 shg meetings in ludhiana.I slowed down my pace of
speech and also used various techniques in my daily life. It took time(3
to 4 years) but it was very helpful. I am not totally recovered now but
i have improved from 20% to 85% and i have accepted my stammering now. I
never hesitate in talking to anyone now.
I am now in my family business
and i have tensions regarding business and family but stammering is not
a tension for me anymore. I also stammer now but i never have long
blocks which i used to have few years ago. I am not following tisa from a
year because i was busy. I met my cousin’s friend today who was also
stammering. I talked with him about stammering and told him about tisa.
So i also thought of sharing my experiences here.

I just want to thanks tisa for making my life better and keep helping other pws.


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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Thank you friend, for this genuine and valuable testimony. When we accept, when we are no more trying to suppress and hide- the blocks etc. simply melt away- as was your experience too! Dont worry about 20%-85%: if you " .. never hesitate in talking to anyone now…" – then you are "cured" totally. Let no expert tell you otherwise..
    Please focus on LIFE now- and help other pws, as you did, by sharing info, listening to them and inspiring them with your own life and achievements..
    Thanks once again from all of us in TISA!!

  2. admin 4 years ago

    Your story is a great example of how acceptance can change our lives… Thanks for sharing!


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