I learnt Holistic healing of Psoriasis (a skin disorder) from TISA

Psoriasis is one of the most stubborn skin condition which is quite similar to stammering in many ways.Just like stammering, exact cause of psoriasis is still unknown.There are many possible theories like – Genetic disorder or an autoimmune disorder.In modern medical science, there is no concrete cure of this skin condition although alternative medical systems like Ayurveda,homeopathy and naturopathy do claim some relief.

I developed it about 9 years back at the age of 21.Since then, it has been a struggle dealing with stammering and those psoriasis patches on my face and other parts of the body everyday.

Similar to stammering,psoriasis can drag you on your knees by destroying your self confidence badly because every time you will see people staring at your face and body and some times, they will prefer staying away from you fearing that this skin condition would probably attack them as well.You can’t carry a tag with you always that Psoriasis is not contagious in nature.

Anyways,don’t get too emotional because this is not my intention behind writing this post.Since last 1 year,I have started the journey of HOLISTIC HEALING OF PSORIASIS with change in diet,life style and use of some commonly available herbs.Results are awesome.These steps are helping me to keep this skin disorder at bay to live a better life.

Getting motivated from my results,I have started a website (www.psoriasisselfmanagement.com) promoting HOLISTIC HEALING of psoriasis with self efforts.

Remember that quote- “Self to be achieved through self efforts”?

I have used this quote numerously and people have poured buckets of praise on me for this quote.I hope Dr.Sachin wouldn’t mind that I am enjoying some praise for his quote because he is very generous 🙂

So,Thank you TISA and thank you everyone associated with it.I learnt the idea of ACCEPTANCE from TISA only and it is doing wonder in almost every aspect on my life.

At last but not the least,I would request everyone here to help me in spreading this idea of SELF HEALING OF PSORIASIS IN A HOLISTIC WAY!!

Do share the link of my website with as much people as you can.
Here goes the link:


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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    I have known you Ashish, for last 3-4 years and I must say, that you never gave up, when going was tough: you worked not only on stammering, but on your Psoriasis, job and other issues as well.. Consistent hard work no doubt, is bound to bear fruits..
    Keep at it and keep sharing your thoughts..

  2. Stammer Freely 4 years ago

    Great Ashish #SUPERSONIC

  3. Stammer Freely 4 years ago

    Great Ashish #SUPERSONIC


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