Bangalore SHG Meeting Minutes 04/19/15

I entered into the Cubbon park(Bangalore SHG meeting venue). I shocked “how
come there are so many pws in the meeting”. I was questioning to myself “Is
that the Sun rising from west”.

First of all
I would like to thanks Dinesh who put really great effort to organize this SHG
meeting. He convinced many of the PWS to join this meeting. Secondly thanks to
Tarak Sir who take out some time from his busy schedule and join us. At last
thanks to all the Bangalore SHG members who joined this meeting. From long time
I saw this huge crowd in our Bangalore SHG we were 22 members, their names
below who didn’t miss this event.
Kishan, Reuben, Pramod, Mukul,
Venkatesh, Rohit Kumar, Upasana, Siddharth, Karthik, Nishil, Rohit Mishra,
Dinesh K.K, Aruna, Soma, Mansi, Hari, Thomas, Tarak Sir, Karpagavalli, Dinesh, Sairam and Akash(me).

Our meeting
started something like this,

name game
speech by Tarak Sir
A small
overview of all the activities,
In this round, who all are the old members of this group have to say some words
about their experience of SHG meetup. What they learnt from this group. And for
new members who join first time they only have to introduce. All did very well
and it takes almost an hour to complete this round.
name game: After we played a game in this, one person has to add some prefix to
his/her name which starts from first letter of his/her name (for instance
Karthik is KILLER Karthik). Then next person repeat his/her name and add prefix
to his own name, and so on. There was a purpose to play this game, because most
of the people were new. And we are here not just practicing our techniques but
also make new friends.
speech by Tarak Sir: He explained that how can we motivate ourselves on certain
situations where we stuck and not able to speak well. He told that he used
prolongation technique and overall summary is “if you want to communicate and
to make other person understand what you want to tell. Then you have to speak
well. And this all comes from practice”.
speech: I gave prepared speech from longtime. I come up with small motivational
story. Story name was “Everyone has a story in life”. I’m pasting below so it can
also motivates you,

A 24 year old boy seeing out from the train’s window

“Dad, look the
trees are going behind!”
Dad smiled and a
young couple sitting nearby, looked at the 24 year old’s childish behavior with
suddenly he again
“Dad, look the
clouds are running with us!”
The couple
couldn’t resist and said to the old man…
“Why don’t you
take your son to a good doctor?”
The old man smiled and said…
“I did and we are just coming from the hospital, my son was blind from birth,
he just got his eyes today.

Every single person on the planet has a story. Don’t judge people before you
truly know them. The truth might surprise you.

Telephonic round: As per we were 21 members
this time so we split in two groups. In this activity 2pws stand in a manner
that they were not seen their faces but listen what the other guy is telling. Purpose
of this activity was that we most of the PWS has phone phobia and from this
activity we can come out from this, if we do again and again.
Group snap
The meeting
was nicely wrapped up. I hope that next time also will be the same crowd or
more than that because this was the real face of SHG. At last I would like to
thanks one more time to all members of SHG Bangalore who joined this meeting
and made it successful. Who missed this meeting please join next time and learn
more skills and meet with more people. I’m closing this report by small motivational
Don’t sit
back and think that someday God will come and give you a magic wand. If you
want to cure really then come out from your comfort zone and see the world from
open eyes. No one can stop you, if others can do it (Like Hrithik Roshan) you
can also do it.

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  1. lashdinesh 3 years ago

    Very well summarized Akash. Thanks.

  2. admin 3 years ago

    Nice to see so many smiling faces.

    Keep it up Bangalore.

  3. Sachin 3 years ago

    Wow! All the "rich and famous" of TISA at one place!

  4. jasmeet singh 3 years ago

    Great. SHG rocks!!

  5. admin 3 years ago

    nice post…


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