JAIPUR SHG Meeting report 25/4/15

Hello friends

We had a wonderful meeting on this Saturday evening. We were three members – Anurag, Hemraj and me (Ravi). Anurag was coming for the first time. 
We tried to follow the agenda and started off with Introduction . After that we shared our experience of stammering life. Then we had a discussion over stammering. We also discussed on latest topic Net Neutrality. In the end we concluded with our most exciting Outdoor activity. I took the initiative and we three went to 3 young boys and done a small survey on stammering. Then it was Hemraj’s turn and we went to a group of 6-7 people and explained them about TISA. Now it was Anurag’s turn and I must say he is very courageous. He went to  2 guys and asked them some questions relating to stammering. Big salute to his courage. After that I went to a police constable and asked him some questions and also explained him about strange nature of stammering.
I must say that while talking to strangers we were little bit nervous but once it started everything became so good that at the end we very confident. 
We enjoyed the meeting and bade everyone promising that we will meet every week.

Thank You
Ravi Kant Sharma (PWS)


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  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Congrats Anurag, Hemraj and Ravi! Yes, courage is the only cure! Let us keep increasing our courage step by step, in company of each other…

  2. admin 3 years ago

    Very good guys. Keep up the good work.
    Wish you all the luck!!

  3. abhishek 3 years ago

    Talking to strangers about ones stammering- very2 courageous act. Very inspiring for us. You must have watched the new bournvita ad – " himmat sirf tabhi nahi dikhayi jaati , jab dikhana aasaan ho "

  4. admin 3 years ago

    Thank You Sachin Sir, Dehradun SHG and Abhishek


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