Last Boarding call…

Friends, help and join: If children could be told that “stammering is OK” – they will need neither therapies nor SHGs later on in life! This would be the cheapest and the best preventive intervention in the field of speech disorders. You can make a difference to someone, somewhere. Talk about it in your SHGs, encourage families with CWS to participate. On another note- well established SHGs should now consider organizing one session, every month, exclusively for CWS and their family. A Good facilitator can quickly learn how to facilitate such a session for children. If you have doubts, please write to us. Meanwhile, dont forget May 23 and 24th, in Mumbai (Somaiya campus)..

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  1. admin 4 years ago

    This is great initiative Dhruv!! Well done. All the best.

  2. Shivaji m 4 years ago

    Dhruv you are doing a excellent job.tisa has rose to high level under your leadership.

  3. Dhruv Gupta 4 years ago

    Thanks Virendra..we must have more of these around India, next one in Pune? 🙂

    Shivaji, TISA has many great leaders, it can never have just one..that's the beauty of it!

    We have opened registration for Adults from today, as the likely hood of getting more families is low. We will conduct similar things to a communication workshop. Please join!

    Register here:

  4. admin 4 years ago

    Very nice sir. TISA is simply awesome and everyday I learn about these great initiatives. I feel proud to get associated with TISA !!

  5. abhishek 4 years ago

    Very nice initiative Dhruv. I saw your YouTube video at American stammering association recently. It was awesome man 🙂


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