Mood swing? It works .. Just do it :)

Today was one of those days for me when I felt that my life is hopeless,aimless,doomed, on and so forth. Each passing moment seemed to be like eternity. Just then I remembered Sachin Sir’s saying that negative thoughts can be overcome by positive action, not positive thinking. I reluctantly started some exercises, then pranayam and finally meditation. And lo….I am feeling better in a span of few minutes. From feeling hopeless, to being full of hope- staring at life in the eyes and saying “Bring it on”.

 So friends, it works. When feeling low , just do something you would love to do- exercise, walking, jogging, swimming, skipping, pranayam , meditation.


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  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Yes, sometime just getting out of bed or that chair, also helps! Just any physical movement…

  2. lashdinesh 3 years ago


  3. admin 3 years ago

    Great. Same here. Yesterday, i was in a similar situation. Nothing seem to work, i could not sleep. I just opened one of my Vipassana Videos and started to meditate, though i could not meditate well, but it did calm my mind and i slept peacefully for a couple of hours.

  4. admin 3 years ago

    एकदम सही पकडा अभिषेक जी , thanks for sharing your experience.

    इस लम्बी लडाई को लडने के लिये जिस आन्तरिक शक्ति , पर
    चित्त मे शान्ति ,
    जिस उत्साह और साहस ,पर
    साथ मे धैर्य की जरूरत है, वो सिर्फ प्राणायाम ,ध्यान से ही मिल सकता है ।

    वैसे भी प्राणायाम और ध्यान internal system मजबूत करता है, बाकि तकनीके सिर्फ symptoms पर ही काम करती है

  5. admin 3 years ago

    absolutely right…even I had tried it and I just feel fantastic after doing that

  6. admin 3 years ago

    negative thoughts can be overcome by positive action, not positive thinking. …

    Yes , but that needs to be constant though !!

    Sudden bursts of excitedness or any emotion doesnt bring a change unless it stays with you for long ! LONG LIVE ACTIONs that we do !


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