Bangalore SHG Meet – 19th July 2015

It was a chilled ,breezy Sunday morning  in Cubbon Park Bangalore. This time I was first to reach there before time and waited for 30 mins and slowly people started gathering.

Attendees: Pramod, Sharath,Aditya, Sid,Praveen(new member),Mansi,Nishil,Ruben,Kavish,Siddharth and Me(Rohit)

We did following activities

1 Introduction Round
Introduction round was the very first activty of the day’s agenda. so each one on us gave introduction with applying techniques and as slow as possible.
Everyone introduced very effectively

2 Impromptu speeches
Now it was time to slowly increase our anxiety

and we started Impromptu speeches where the topic of speech will be given then
 and there and each one of us was given a time limit of 3 minutes to wind up our speeches.some of the topics were trees,half pant,theism,wine etc.
everybody talked their minds there in the limited time period and Impromptu speeches, again turn out to be and great practice.

after this round  we directly went into prepared speeches round.

3 Prepared Speeches
This time we had 3 prepared speeches,I went first and spoke about my revered Vipasana teacher late Sri S.N.Goenka ji and I tried to to be as slow as possible.
next was Siddhartha ans then Pramod.

4 Debate
Now we went into toughest round where We see lot of anxiety and hurry we started debate on “Atheist vs Theist”
 first every one from two teams was given chance to put his/her points and theareafter started hot arguments and we could see how stress level changes our smooth speech to hurried and blocked speech.
It was best round where we need to improve a lot and need more and more practice.

last round was the Confession round , where we can share our small small confession without the fear of being judged.
We concluded with delicious Khakra and Gulab Jamun brought by Mansi with Spirite from Ruben.
Thanks Mansi and Ruben for wonderful snacks. 


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  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Yess- Debate can bring out the worst or the best in us!
    Confession is like Multivite! One pill a day, keeps doctor away!
    Nice group photo!
    Thanks Rohitendu!

  2. admin 4 years ago

    very beautiful pic – awesome weather and two dogs to complete the picnic..

  3. admin 3 years ago

    Nice Report!! YES, CONFESSION are great. More we pour our hearts out, more better we feel…


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