Indiegogo Campaign: UPDATES

We have two versions of the campaign: Indigogo (for donations coming from outside India) and Milap (for funds from within India). Both are active. Please promote these in different forum, on FB, on other platforms and among your friends or contacts.
The funds raised will be used for activities directly related to stammering initiative. A third party will be auditing the expenses. One big output will be publications of self help material and direct training inputs in to SHGs. If there is any query, please get back to Dhruv or Sachin.


We are planning to launch an Indiegogo Campaign on Wednesday, July 1st, evening to raise funds for some proposed activities in the calendar year Aug ’15-Aug ’16.

See a preview of the campaign here:

If you have any comments/questions, please comment on this post. We will listen to ALL serious feedback seriously! 🙂

Dum Laga Ke Haisha!!!


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  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Good Job, mates!
    Haklao, magar pyar se…

  2. admin 3 years ago

    Happy Birthday, sir.

  3. Sachin 3 years ago

    60 yrs ago, parents used to tinker with birth date of children… Very common practice those days. So, my actual BD is different and un-important. Nevertheless, thanks a lot…

    • admin 3 years ago

      Haha.. Parents still do it today in a hope of longer tenure for their wards. 😀

  4. Sachin 3 years ago

    I guess, in my case it was done to have a longer tenure of stammering! 🙂
    Long live TISA!


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