New blood, new ideas in Shg Blore ……

The Crew: Avnish, Mansi, Sharath, Kavish, Manjunath, Praveen, Teja, Rishikesh, Hari, Nishil.

We met near cubbon park at our usual time, Teja and praveen reached the venue early and welcomed the rest of us, the  group started buzzing in full swing by 10.30 AM,

The first round was the introduction round, as we had three new comers in group( Shg Blore is swelling 🙂 ), it was a refreshing to introduce ourselves to a new  people. Manjunath Teja and Rishikesh , a warm welcome to you folks from SHG Blore , it was a pleasure to meet you all.

Next was the extempore round , if you want to hone your skills in giving impromptu speeches , attend the extempores in Blore Shg , the topics given are so challenging that you have to step up your game and respond to it within 2 minutes, there is no question of backing down or quitting. This round emphasizes the importance of keeping your cool when you draw blanks in any situations. It does not matter if you draw a blank as long as you can stay calm and come out with something to talk on.

Once the extempore was done we had many ideas popping up as to how to challenge ourselves to change our thought process amidst conversation. “Block and Tackle”, “Answer me not” formats of speeches/conversations are in plan for next meet. The new blood has started infusing renewed energy to carry the task forward :).

The next task was interaction with strangers.
This works as a 2 pronged strategy – One we create awareness of tisa in our surroundings and we can introduce more people into Tisa and SHG’s. Second this alleviates our fear of speaking out with strangers as we make it a routine it becomes yet another conversation started.

Our last activity was a debate on “ban on meat” , currently the ongoing topic of discussion in the country . After a heated debate we came to a consensus that it depends on personal choice and not by enforcing it upon individuals.

Thanks for Reading.


To contact SHG Bangalore :
Sharath: 7411090880
Nishil: 9008416379


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  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Manjunath Teja and Rishikesh – welcome from all of us, all over I-I-India…

  2. admin 3 years ago

    Well written Nishil !!

    God bless you !!

  3. asananthababu a 3 years ago

    God bless you.

  4. admin 3 years ago

    Great report Nishil!! I just hope new members dont disappear after 1-2 meetings!!!


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