SHG Meeting Chandigarh

For the meeting I reached the venue Sector 42 lake,
Chandigarh at 9.00 am. Jasmeet , Mr. Paramjeet, Shri Parmod Kathuria were
already there. We were joined by Shashank, Nitin, Vineet and Mukul. We all
welcomed Shri Kathuria in the group as he was attending the meeting for the
first time. We all gave are self introductions to him. He also introduced
himself to the group. As per the practice we did 10 minutes Anapana Vipassana
meditation to calm down our agitated mind. It was followed by a hearty laughter
exercise  session. Then we did breathing
exercises to tone up our speech parts. We had sessions of slow speaking,
voluntary stammering and prolongation. It was emphasized to never give up and
keep working on our speech, which is the only mantra to overcome the fear
related to our communication. Mr. Kathuria was requested to attend SHG Meetings
regularly  and keep  guiding 
us with his rich experience.
The meeting ended with a commitment to meet regularly. All
were happy and satisfied. Other members of the group who could not attend
because of other engagements are requested to attend next meeting.
Jasbir Singh

99150 06377.   

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  1. admin 3 years ago

    Yes it was very nice meeting. Very happy to see the enthusiasm in fellow members. We all shared our experiences and committed to meet every week.

  2. Varun Sud 3 years ago

    Hello Sir

    Actually I also stammer sometimes specially meeting new people or in some complex situations where the focus is on me. Do u hold these meetings regularly?


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