jasbir sandhu staaammered

Yes I stammered. I stammered badly last Saturday in a family
function that  too in my own comfort
zone. My nephew was introducing his friend to me. While asking about his place
of work I stammered very badly at word You…..What happened ? I discussed with
Dr. Sachin.
 The Devil may
suddenly come out while having an 
informal chat even with your kids where you are not at all in any type
of  pressure situation. This is true
nature of stammering. The real test of acceptance arises there. We have to see
whether we are able to accept it with a broad smile or not. In case not. We
have long miles to go.
In  fact you cannot
always be positive. There might have been times when you were making good
progress, feeling good and confident. Suddenly, like a big bang, you felt down,
as it happened to me last Saturday. This could have happened to you too
I think it is okay to feel not so good some time. It is okay
to get frustrated or disturbed some time. It is normal provided  we are able to get over it and move on.
Because we are human. Welcoming stammering into our lives is paradoxically the
surer way to dissolve it. By accepting and mindfully experiencing our
stammering situation whenever and wherever it encounters us , we slowly move to
a situation where it no longer affects our speech. 
We need to accept and welcome it with a broad smile on our

I request all and especially the so called recovered stammerers
to please comment and share their personal experiences in this regard.

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  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Thank you, Jasbir ji. By sharing, you have done a lot of good to ALL the pws who read this blog..
    It proves that stammering has nothing to do with ANXIETY, STRESS, TIREDNESS, STRANGERS etc etc. It is an inner Neurological condition, which can and may strike anytime. All we can do, is to accept it as a part of life- as a diversity- and work on overall communication – RATHER than keep searching for CURE etc.

    I too am not cured!! But yes, I have dealt with stammering "mindset". That is what self help and acceptance is about. Celebrating our stammering!

  2. Sachin 3 years ago

    This is where practice of voluntary stammering truly helps. When we have done vol.stam. many times, in different situations, soon a time comes when such blocks come and go, and one does not even take notice of it.. We dont even react to such moments..That is true "recovery".
    Thank you Jasbir ji, for being courageous and upfront. These issues must be discussed in our community..


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