Delhi SHG Meeting Report of 8th May “Mother’s Day”

Hi Folks,

“Its our credence to learn and to adapt things” So finally once again we shaped our meeting as Toastmasters but we haven’t changed the flavor of meeting as we still had fun, masti and casual introduction round. 


At Innov8 Coworking Space, sharp at 11:30 am we started our meeting, it was superb as-usual. we were 17 members, 3 new members joined the meeting Arunesh, Tushar and Amit.

it was mother’s day so our theme of meeting was “MOM’s LOVE“. Following are the roles given to the members.

HOD ( host of the day ) – Vishal
GE ( General Evaluator ) – Shailendra
TTM ( Table topic master ) – Sunoy
TTE (Table Topic Evaluator ) – Lalit  Sir
WM (Word Master)  – Abhay 
FC (Fillter Counter) – Abhay
TC (Technique Counter) – Gaurav 

Meeting started with the activity “Goal sharing” everyone shared their goals by holding the hands with all of us then after we did following activity.

1. Introduction Round
2. Prepared Speech and Pitch Round
3. Table Topic Round ( Impromptu Speech) 
4. QA Sessions
5. Goal Evaluating Round
6. Evaluation Round
7. Feedback and Next Meeting discussion

Prepared speech and table topic winner was “Hitanshu Dalal” and best role player was Gaurav. 

So above is a very brief report, reach me for detail explanation 😛

thank you 

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  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Loved Mother's day song…!
    Brought back memories of my own Mom!
    God bless ALL the moms of the world..wherever they may be.


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