Sunday Funday!

 Go-go-goa…(Video 1, Video 2)
This is just an early update. Someone from Dehradun SHG will write at more length soon.
So, 29th (Sunday), we met a group of students from University of Boston, facilitated by Operation Groundswell – at Sita Ram Ashram.
In a nutshell, we interacted freely; encouraged everyone to ask questions (many of the students will be going for a career in health care services). After the lunch, the students gave a feedback creatively: Skits etc. They tried to share what they had learned of disability/ discrimination themes, explored in India in the last two weeks – and tried to connect it with similar issues back home. We ended by making a 2 minute promo video: Go-Go-Goa!

     Diane Constantino, Clinical Associate Professor, from Department of SLP and Hearing, Boston University also participated and shared her valuable insights. She was given a TISA button of honor! On the whole, everyone had a lot of fun! TISA thanks everyone and wishes them safe journey home.


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