Delh SHG Meeting Report of 19th June by Raman

           TISA – Delhi SHG meeting report

19th june , SHG meeting held as usually . it was 2nd
meeting in natya ballet centre , our new indoor venue .
– it was fully comfortable professional type venue which is helping us a
lot to come up not just as normal speaker but as a professional speaker.

host –
meeting was hosted by Abhishek . It was his first meeting as a host and
he proved his abilities very well to host the meeting .
members –
there was approx. 15 members including some new members. Ahishek ,
vishal , dixit , vikas ranga , anshul , mohit , jagriti ,sikander , jagbir,
raman and some more.
timing –
10am to 1pm
meeting –
  • Meeting started  15 minutes late due to initial lack of
    members but after some time all 15 members came.
  • Meeting quote
    “ people may see us struggling , but they will never see us quitting “
  • Meeting
    started with introduction round and goal setting round . everyone gave his
    intro well and set some goals for himself.
  • Then prepared
    speech round started , it lasted quite long apprx 1.5 hrs. pws who was prepared
    with his speech,  gave it. Feedback was
    given at the same time so that oncoming speakers focus on that feedback.
  • After that
    round , round robin story making game was started and 2 rounds were held.
  • After that
    rapid fire round was started and pws put questions to another pws and gave
    answers and it was also a mocking type activity to laugh on others stammering
    so that real life situation can be handled by pws.
  • After it ,
    some tips were given to pws and some queries were solved.
  • The end with party by
    vishal gupta.

special pws –
  • One member was old by age but still young by his spirit . he
    gave us his experiences which he faced in his life. Quite good.
  • One female member , jagriti was also there . quite motivating
    and hats off to her courage.
  • Two old tisa members – jagbir singh and sikander singh was
    also there. Quite fine but late comers . but inspiring bcz atleast they came to
    meet .

future planning –

  • Mentor allocation goal.
  • Money donation for indoor meeting in natya ballet centre ,
    which is paid location.
  • Please Come on time because we have only 3 hours so we can
    utilise it more to help each others.
  • Practice one technique and try to implement in daily life and
    in meeting because one continuous tech is far better than 10 different tech.
  • For new members , please come regularly because this long
    aged problem can’t be solved in one meeting . it requires continuous effort.

  • keep daily practicing and on one fine day you will become super speaker —
    underline the word daily”  – see you at next meeting – 

Report by Raman Maan

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  1. admin 3 years ago

    Very detailed report Raman, great going… keep it up!

  2. Ramandeep Singh 3 years ago


  3. Ramandeep Singh 3 years ago

    Thanks bro

  4. Ramandeep Singh 3 years ago


  5. admin 3 years ago

    Very Detailed report Raman

  6. Sachin 3 years ago

    Preparing for a speech is a good idea – but often ignored by us. When we have done some preparation we ALWAYS communicate better..
    Collecting and paying for a good conference facility is also a very good idea; Let us stop expecting free gifts from society.
    It was good to see Naresh Sir and Jagriti holding the floor!
    Vishal, what was the party about? Your consistent effort is taking shape in Delhi…
    Congrats, everyone!!

  7. Vishal Gupta 3 years ago

    it was 6 month pending party of my B'day 🙂 But now Vikas is also building the team as now he has taken the role of VP education for Delhi SHG so I am sure, from now onward you will see more new creative things in delhi SHG 🙂 🙂 🙂


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