CHANDIGARH STAMMERERS —-> 91-92-93 SHG 21/28 august &04 Sept 2016 <-----

On 21 august we were 9 members including me Jassi , Mr. Photographer Mukul, Powerful Paramjeet Sir, IITians Vaibhav & Vijender, Patialvi  Sumit, Shayar Shashank, Fit Gagan and Handsome Abhishek
91 SHG ON 21 August 29016

A Great Session with Awesome Agenda by Mukul and the new experience to perform in front of camera. 

Activity planned by Mukul in which shashank has to Read book with enjoying full Volume earphone. 

A complete session well rehearsed and Recorded in Camera 

SHG 92 On 28 August with jassi from left then Vineet, Kapil , Kamlesh, Vaibhav and Abhishek, Shashank who lead with an Awesome Agenda.

On September 4th Sunday morning, We all arrived
at Sector 42  Lake, roughly by our newly
shifted time i.e. 9 am. We were six in total – Jasmeet , Sumit, Vijendra,
Uzair, Gagan and myself Vaibhav.
From Left to Right : Jasmeet, Sumit, Gagan, Vaibhav, Vijendra
We started with the first activity on our agenda
 – Introduction
with a surprise common question.

               The common question was to tell at least five
good qualities about oneself
, the reason being as PWS we tend to spend a lot of
time counting our flaws and focus on things we don’t like about ourselves, and
often forget to give credit to ourselves for the things we are good at and
should be proud of. I kicked off this activity and then we all took time to
praise ourselves for once, and appreciate each other as well for the things we
didn’t know.
Two things that were notable:-
       First we ourselves struggled to
remember the good about us while the people around us at the meeting could
point out many qualities that they appreciated in the speaker, and 
       second thing
was that we’ve discovered a lot about us from attending SHG meetings, like we
made friends easily, we are funny too, leadership qualities etc. We went on to
tell what we liked about each other and discussed how important it is to
appreciate ourselves and to be very positive.
Then we had a five minute meditation session. We all set
comfortably on benches, relaxing all body parts, closed our eyes and focused on
breathing in and out in the calm and serene environment of the park. It was
very relaxing and refreshing afterwards as some of the members pointed out and
we all felt that too.
Since Gagan is a new member, we discussed various techniques
like bouncing, prolongation etc.. 
He also shared a story about a stammerer in
Gujarat who went on from being extremely suicidal to helping other stammerers
for free. We also discussed student life and how to go about it. Group
Discussion was later in the agenda, but the discussion that happened before
couldn’t be more engaging.
Next in the agenda was Role-Play
                     Each of us had to play a
character decided by the group members. 
First was Uzair who played the
character of a guy in a train trying to get a girl’s phone number. Girl in this
scenario was palyed by Gagan and rest of us played other passengers.
 In the next
scenario Vijendra wanted to play the boy’s character and Uzair palyed the
girl’s character. 
Next was Sumit, he did a character speech which he was used
to do in public buses pretending to a security personnel giving safety
 Next was Jasmeet who was given the role of a Bus Conductor in
Haryana Roadways, he went up to every member in his character and palyed many
Next was my turn, I imitated the character of Baburao from the movie
Hera Pheri, I also went to other members and played jokes with them. It was
very entertaining and all of us realized that we hardly stammered while we were
in those characters. We decided to always pretend to be a character of
ourselves who is more confident, strong and speaks very well.
It was getting late, so we decided to call it a day. We
exchanged our greetings and went away with a smile on our faces and loads of
confidence up our sleeves.
Special shout out to Vineet who last week got placed at a
job in Delhi. We couldn’t be happier for him. We all wish him Best of Luck for
his future.
                                                                                                  LOVE FROM CHANDIGARH….


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  1. paramjit 2 years ago

    Great.The journey of SHG is making our life more fun and enjoyable.. And making us better person.. Thanks guys….

  2. Sachin 2 years ago

    Wah wah!
    Congrats to everyone, Mukul, Jassi, Paramjeet Sir, Vaibhav & Vijender, Sumit, Shashank, Gagan, Vineet and Abhishek..
    Every activity was very meaningful. And I am sure will benefit everyone, though the effect will be visible after some time.
    Mukul, if you are taking videos, ever thought of putting them up on youtube and sharing a link here..? Of course with the permission of the group. It might help many other SHGs which are running out of ideas – and inspiration sometime.
    I am also very happy that your group is keeping a count of SHG meetings. A management saying goes like this: You get what you count!

    Vineet, I hope that you will conduct some sessions in Delhi SHG too – to serve and inspire others. It is a great group. And yes, congrats from all of us in Dehradun!

  3. admin 2 years ago

    Well done Chandigarh SHG.
    Keep floating innovative ideas.
    Above all maintain the continuity.
    Continuity is the secret of success.


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