Lets Start a SHG- Quick Useful Tips

Friends, it’s the fifth day since I am back from NC, but my mind is still in the Hakla world of NC.

So here I am just re-sharing the pamphlet that we had distributed after our Bangalore SHG play in NC. I am also sharing a link of the official TISA SHG Facilitators Manual which has been drafted by Dr. Sachin. In short, this link is the bible for running a SHG and can help all of us to run our own SHG.

Happy to hear from you all !!!

TISA SHG Facilitators Manual



  1. You start Accepting Stammering with a smile.
  2. You stop chasing fluency and start chasing effective communication
  3. You start applying techniques in the outside world.
  4. And Most Important, You open up your heart to others.


  1. Be on Time
  2. No usage of mobile phones
  3. Listen to the speaker.
  4. Never replace a feared word
  5. Do not be judgmental and instead be patient when the speaker is stuck.
  6. Never finish sentences / word for the speaker( especially when he/ she is in a block)
  7. Share techniques, experiences and learning.
  8. Most Important, Smile !!!

SAMPLE AGENDA (to conduct a SHG)

  1. Introduction with ground rule setting
  2. Extempore speeches
  3. Prepared Speeches
  4. Sharing of any techniques , experience and doubts
  5. Group discussion.
  6. Closing with a group pic, nomination of next SHGs coordinator.

Thanks a lot.

Haklao Magar Pyar se!!

Naman Mirchandani


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