Living in Present #PresentMomentFactor

Right now,
Most of us are living in our past …
Some of us are living in future …
And a few of us are living in present moment …only these a few people are happy in their life … Also said in kung fu panda movie ##Must Watch

But why we are living in our past… because our mind runs on past experiences and our focus is on those wishes that remained unfulfilled due to some reason ..
we try to compare our present life with our unsuccessful past .. if i had well educated father.. although we have good father but we compare our worst with others best that’s why we fall down in the ocean of misery and grief .. the other aspect of past is that we overthink on certain incidents of our past life so much that we remain in the trap of that incidents… We think that we could remain happy now if we had succeeded in past … Now come to future .. Most people who are in misery of their past now think that whether their misery ends in future or not so they fall down in the trap of future. They live their whole life either in their past or in their future with full of misery , anxiety and sometimes deep depression ….worst case SUICIDE .. quite normal in these days…

So what is solution now –

Solution is to start living in present moment.. AND one thing we must understand that if we just focus on that we have to live into present moment and we will go never into our past and future that is also a little harmful .because past teaches us with hard experiences of life and future makes us little excited for what will happen next …. WE should live our life as 10%PAST-80%PRESENT-10%FUTURE . This is just a rough measure.. Main learning is that we have to spend most of our day living in present momeny by doing concious work for betterment of ours and others life … doing something that is really meaningful and helpful for our goal – our mission on this earth – our vision of life .
So There are some activities which we can do randomly whenever we have free time –
1. Making a thank you list – Generally we don’t consider much what is happening right now around us and for what activities , persons , things – we should be thankful … IF we simply write down that i am thankful to God that i have cool smartphone – millions of people just dreaming for a good phone which you already have – great achievement . or i am thankful to my parents that they provided me good education … millions are just living with zero level of education in this current world — we are educated enough to celebrate this … Thank you god i am not in syria right now – ISIS factor …..
2. Whenever we feel that we are loosing control over present and going deep into past or future – we have to just stop whatever we are doing right now and close our eyes for 2-3 minutes and take deep breathes -now we will feel much better compare to as we were feeling while we were loosing control over present .. because we put our focus on our breathing that is present.
Although these ideas are simple but only few out of us do real implementation part in their real life .. Most of us Just read good articles and then again start doing useless crap things and after sometime we complain that these ideas don’t really work..

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  1. Sachin 2 years ago

    Good job, Raman!
    Great write up- could be even greater with a little proofing and second reading!
    And yes, you should also share real incidents from your life here, however small. I would love to read a post from you once every week- even a small one will do!

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