Delhi SHG 15 Jan 2017 Jantar Mantar

from right t0 left = Rajinder singh , gaurav sharma , nishant , shubham rustagi , manish tiwari , garima tyagi , vishal , raman

Venue – Jantar Mantar Park

Delhi SHG meeting held from 11 am to 2 pm at jatar mantar park on this sunday.

Host : Raman Maan (me) = first meeting as a host – so quite learning experience for me – learned lot of things from fellow members – thanks to all for supporting me to conduct a smooth meeting

Meeting started from approx 11.30 am that was little bit late from pre decided timing 11 am . Total 8 members attended this meeting .

  1. Introduction round – everyone gave their introduction with their interests and hobbies
  2. Tisa rule sharing – ground rule for meeting shared i.e. eye contact , don’t speak when someone is speaking , don’t complete someone’s word , don’t give immediate advice to someone
  3. Techniques sharing – b_b_b_bouncing , prrrooolongation , pausing_____pausing , acceptance and voluntary stammering . Some senior members told about these techniques one by one.
  4. Then goal setting and feedback pair assigning round – everyone set their goal for the meeting – why they come to this meeting and what they are going to do in this meeting
  5. speech round – a unprepared speech for 3 minutes – every member gave speech keeping goal in their mind
  6. feedback round – each and everyone gave feedback to other member one  by one  and pws noted down feedback on paper. Hope they will revise this feedback and do work according to feedback
  7. then we took 5 minute break —
  8. After that quite exciting and fearful round – panel interview round – we faced panel and the panel grilled interviewee member – that was quite good = it showed how effective we are in a tensed situation – i liked it very much and hoping that all liked it .
  9. after that round robin and some other one line question round –

At approx 2 pm meeting was closed and every participant went to his/her destination in hope to practice today’s learning in their real life situations – best of luck for next meeting – hope we all do work as feedback is given to us .

About new member – Rajinder – cool and controlled speech – keep doing what you are doing

Nishant – great – you are good so it is time to become great

Today’s award goes to – Rockstar of 15 Jan 17 = Shubham rustagi ( shubham..imagine you have received award,,haha)

Garima – came even she is having busy schedule – hats off//vishal – great as always  //Gaurav – impressive // manish  – at least you came – even if for last half hour – great // Raman – kya kahen aapke liye ???

Positive points – each and every member got chance to speak – each and every activity held according to its allotted time – two new members joined – keep coming –

Negative p0ints – Try to come on time – so that we can start as per our scheduled timings

Thanks to ALL , who attended this meeting and  who are reading this post right now…..

Ramandeep Singh 8285115785  – feel free to contact – GOOD NIGHT – sleep well



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  1. Amitsingh Kushwaha 2 years ago

    Great meeting. Interview round is very useful for youngsters.

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