Delhi SHG meeting 12 march 2017

On 12 march , DELHI SHG held a grand meeting at central park – four members attended – from left ARUN ,NIRMAL , DIXIT , RAMAN

As per schedule , meeting time was from 11 am – I reached there by 10:45 am and till 11:30 am , we were four.

so meeting started with introduction round , then goal evaluation round , then impromptu speech round , meditation ,feedback round , round robin , Question answer round , stranger talk.

Meditation round was cool. It helped us to shift our focus from outer things to inner world and ultimately on meeting agenda .

Goal evaluation round was good because it helped us to evaluate what we have achieved and where we are lagging and most importantly why we are lagging. That was really eye opening because many of us live our life as sleep walking.

Impromptu speech was amazing .Everyone spoke on diverse topics ranging from politics to discipline , culture etc.

Round robin story building round – voluntary stammering with video recording was amazing .

At the end , stranger talk was good – people don’t know what is stammering but for a stammerer , stammering is everything – his secret world – HaHaHa – he is so addicted to stammering that now he just can’t live without it – that’s why he is not making efforts like a hell or high water to become a super communicator .

One thing i like most in the meeting – the story which was shared by arun – his own personal transformation from a civilian life to discipline life that was really amazing . He just told us that all he need to do in armed force is take immediately action , no more mental trap of thinking  .

Ideation without execution is mere delusion – No planning will work until you take action – Change is hard at first , messy in middle but gorgeous at the end – all these quotes were proved by arun’s story

Everyone shared their methods of handling life with stammering and going beyond this.

One point was discussed that why we are not taking it as a mission to become a super communicator  – The clear answer is that somehow we have learned that how to adjust life with stammering – we have learned to compromise with our goals – with our dreams . We are willing to settle as an average person . But we are born to do great things so

Arise , Awake and not stop , till the goal is achieved.

Thanks and regards

Raman Maan


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  1. Sachin 1 year ago

    Yes, change is messy- but like a disciplined soldier we should just jump in (instead of doing a SWOT analysis!). Results are ALWAYS good for those who take action..

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