Loud Announcement – TISA Delhi Workshop

Good news for all the amazing persons who stammers.To sharpen your communication skills, TISA Delhi chapter is going to organize communication workshop in the heart of india on 22-23 april (sat-sun) 2017.

Update 1 – Many queries are coming from out of state attendees for accommodation. As there are many hotels nearby workshop venue and we are touch with hotels for room. Once confirmation of your seat done , we can arrange accommodation on the basis of number of outsiders and it’s charge will be separate from 999/- .

Update 2 – Thanks guys , for your huge response – 20 registrations in just 2 days – so hurry up as we have limited 30 seats for this life changing workshop – don’t miss this wonderful opportunity. 

Update 3 – all the attendees must carry one of the original id proof – aadhar card , driving license , voter id , passport – no other id will be accepted as hotel rules

update 4 – last date for registration and payment is 10 april but registration may be closed before 10 april if all 30 seats are filled. so register and do payment as early as possible for final confirmation of your seat.

Update 5 – two more special guests – amit kushwaha (MP) and Dhruv (Mumbai)

Update 6 – Candidates who wants to stay at hotel have to pay 1400/- per night and 700/- will be refundable after getting room partner. If someone can make his own arrangements that is good.

Update 7 – refund policy – till 15 april , full refund and after 15th april , no refund as we will make arrangements for you then

Update 8 – Seats Increased – Good news for oldies, we’ve increased the maximum number of seats by 15, means now we have total 45 seats limit. So hurry up, reserve your seat before 18th April.

Confirmed seats who have paid Fees 

seats are allotted via first cum first serve basis + new comers first policy – Your seat will be confirmed only after payment – Mere registration doesn’t guarantee your seat confirmation.

15 Bonus seats – 

 1 Manish Agarwal Delhi 999/- (WS only)

30 Seats already filled – Thanks for your immense response

 1  Sikander singh (Guest) Delhi 999/- (WS only) OnSpot
 2 Amit Kushwaha (Guest) Satna (MP) 2399/- (WS + 1 Night stay)
 3 Pramod kathuria (Guest)  Chandigarh 2399/- (WS + 1 Night stay)
 4 Aashish Agarwal  (Host)  HR 999/- (WS only) OnSpot
 5 Raman Maan  (WS Team) Delhi 999/- (WS only)
 6 Ravi Jagga (WS Team) Delhi 999/- (WS only)
 7 Shailendra (WS Team)  Delhi 999/- (WS only)
 8 Garima (WS Team)  Delhi 999/- (WS only) OnSpot
 9 Abhay Shnkr (WS Team)  Delhi 999/- (WS only)
 10 Wridhi neogi Durgapur WB 999/- (WS only)
 11 Sanjay Negi New Delhi 999/- (WS only)
 12 Manish kumar Palwal HR 999/- (WS only)
 13 Brijesh faujdarBharatpur (Raj) 2399/- (WS + 1 Night stay)
 14 Gurvinder singh Gurgaon HR 999/- (WS only)
 15 Santosh Kumar Lucknow UP 999/- (WS only)
 16 Monu Dhingra Fridabaad HR 999/- (WS only)
 17 Ankit awasthi Delhi 999/- (WS only)
 18 Amit dahiya Delhi 999/- (WS only)
 19 Sahil kumar Delhi 999/- (WS only)
 20 Rajinder singh Gurgaon 999/- (WS only)
 21 Ramesh Delhi 999/- (WS only)
 22 vijay baghel MP 999/- (WS only)
 23 Amit Nirmohi Delhi 999/- (WS only)
 24 Parmod yadav Lucknow UP 999/- (WS only)
 25 Varun partap singhFarukhabad UP  999/- (WS only)
 26 Jagdish mevada Bhopal MP 999/- (WS only)
 27 Rajeev Kumar Gurgaon 999/- (WS only)
 28 Luvmeet singh Delhi 999/- (WS only)
 29 Avinash Delhi999/- (WS only) OnSpot
 30Ram niwas meena  Jaipur (Raj) 999/- (WS only)

Agenda live –        Delhi Workshop Agenda

DAY 1    22 April 2017                                DAY 2 – 23 April 2017
S.No.DescriptionTime SlotHost S.No.DescriptionTime SlotHost 
1Introduction9.30AM-10:00AM  1Meditation/ video/ activity9:30AM-10:00AMAshish Agarwal 
2Welcome speech10:00AM-10:30AMAshish Agarwal 2Recap of day 110:00AM-10:30AMNew Members 
3Tisa intro + ground rules10:30AM-10.50AMAshish Agarwal 3Open mike10:30AM– 11:00AMNew Members 
4Acceptance + iceberg10:50AM-11.20AMRavi Jagga 4Nervous system talk11:00AM-11:45AMShailender 
5Breakfast11:20AM-11:50AM 5Breakfast11:45AM-12:00PM 
6Group formation11:50AM-12:00PMShailender 6Transfluency talk12:00PM-12:20PMAbhay Shanker 
7Prolongation-12:00PM-12.30PMRaman Maan 7QA round12:20PM-1:00PMAshish+Ravi+Garima+Kushwah 
8Bouncing12:30PM-1:00PMShailender 8Real life Outdoor roleplay activity1:00PM-2:00PMShailender 
9Presentation traffic signal1:00PM-1:30PMShailender 9Lunch2:00PM-2:30PM 
10Lunch1:30PM-2:00PM 10Metro activity + feedback2:30PM-3:50PMAshish Agarwal 
11Video Playing2:00PM-2:10PMShailender 11Tea break3:50PM-4:00PM 
12Techniques 22:10PM-2:20PMAshish Agarwal 12Panel interview/ roleplay4:00PM-5:00PMGarima 
13Pausing2:20PM-2:30PMGarima 13Feedback5:00PM-5:30PMShailender 
14Eye contact+Body Language activity2:30PM-3:00PMAshish + Garima 14Post feedback5:30PM-6:00PMShailender 
15Video Playing3:00PM-3:15PMShailender      
16Thank U List3:15PM-3:30PMRaman Maan      
17Goal Setting, Positive Affirmation3:30PM-4:00PMRaman Maan      
19Energizer Activity4:15PM-04:30PMShailender      
20Video Playing4:30PM-04:45PMShailender      
21Guest Speech4:45PM-05:00PMAmit Sgh Kushwah      
22Outdoor activity (address)5:00PM-6.00PMGroup Leaders      
23Assemble at park and activity6:00PM-7:30PMGarima
Assignment for the next day- All participants should note down their questions which would be answered the next day. As this is tentative agenda , there might be some changes in final agenda… and hurry up guys … fasten your seat belts and get ready for DELHI WORKSHOP 2017 ……. if you have not registered for it , register fast because very very  less seats are available right now

Who can attend or who can not

As we have limited 45 seats for this workshop. Anyone who stammer can register for this but preference will be given to new comers and who have not attended any TISA workshop till now but old members are also welcomed for registration . The Persons who want an overnight cure of stammering – we are really sorry – TISA has not discovered such tablet yet. If we will discover it in near future – we will happy to share it with you.

What are the things which Attendees will surely get from this workshop:

  1. What is good communication and how a person having stammering can achieve the GOOD level.
  2. It will help you better connect with people – surely you are entering in a new world with lots of friends.
  3. Better interaction with family , friends
  4. participants will learn the secrets of good communication
  5. improving overall quality of life
  6. building a bold personality that others are just wishing
  7. art of giving and taking positive and negative feedback
  8. improving listening skills
  9. Art of dealing with difficult people
  10. overcome fear , shame wali feeling
  11. Art of handling negative situations
  12. Insights into your own communication style and that of others
  13. Effectively deal with emotions and conflicts


The Holy Venue

The Venue is Hotel SPB 87, 17A/2, W.E.A. Karol Bagh, Block 7, Block 10, WEA, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005


Our beloved Guests

Our special guests will be Aashish Agarwal and Sikandar Singh – Roots of TISA DELHI , Amit singh kushwaha (MP) , Dhruv (Mumbai)

Registration Fee

Registration Fee per person for two days Workshop is ₹999/- which includes 2 days Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Tea. (Venue i.e. Hall + food charge ) 

Note:- The amazing things you are going to learn are absolutely free. We can’t pay for what TISA has taught us . The whole TISA concept is priceless.

Tentative Agenda


S.No.DescriptionTime SlotHost
2Welcome speech10:00AM-10:30AMAshish Agarwal
3Tisa intro + ground rules10:30AM-10.50AMAshish Agarwal
4Acceptance + iceberg10:50AM-11.20AMRavi Jagga
6Group formation11:50AM-12:00PMShailender
7Prolongation-12:00PM-12.30PMRaman Maan
9Presentation traffic signal1:00PM-1:30PMShailender
11Video Playing2:00PM-2:10PMShailender
12Techniques 22:10PM-2:20PMAshish Agarwal
14Eye contact+Body Language activity2:30PM-3:00PMAshish + Garima
15Video Playing3:00PM-3:15PMShailender
16Thank U List3:15PM-3:30PMRaman Maan
17Goal Setting, Positive Affirmation3:30PM-4:00PMRaman Maan
19Energizer Activity4:15PM-04:30PMShailender
20Video Playing4:30PM-04:45PMShailender
21Guest Speech4:45PM-05:00PMAmit Sgh Kushwah
22Outdoor activity (address)5:00PM-6.00PMGroup Leaders
23Assemble at park and activity6:00PM-7:30PMGarima



S.No.DescriptionTime SlotHost
1Meditation/ video/ activity9:30AM-10:00AMAshish Agarwal
2Recap of day 110:00AM-10:30AMNew Members
3Open mike10:30AM– 11:00AMNew Members
4Nervous system talk11:00AM-11:45AMShailender
6Transfluency talk12:00PM-12:20PMAbhay Shanker
7QA round12:20PM-1:00PMAshish+Ravi+Garima+Kushwah
8Real life Outdoor roleplay activity1:00PM-2:00PMShailender
10Metro activity + feedback2:30PM-3:50PMAshish Agarwal
11Tea break3:50PM-4:00PM
12Panel interview/ roleplay4:00PM-5:00PMGarima
14Post feedback5:30PM-6:00PMShailender


Registration Process

Attendees have to fill basic details in given google form and according to their details , we will confirm your seat by 31st march , 2017 and after that we will add payment option and confirmed persons can do payment from 1 april.

First Step toward success – Send us your short story i.e. bio-data on one of the given mail address. Your story will remain confidential. 

Contact Details

If you have any query regarding workshop, feel free to contact us here:-

Shailender : 8802273526  skumar18infotech@gmail.com

Ravi Jagga : 9868331465, contact@ravijagga.com

Raman Maan : 8285115785, ramandeep.singh@nitdelhi.ac.in

  1. Sachin 5 months ago

    All the best.
    All those who could not join Jaipur, should use this opportunity..

  2. Rahul kumar 5 months ago

    Welldone delhi shg.

  3. Vishal Gupta 5 months ago

    What an amazing quick organizer I was just reading the whole post above found, Delhi is such a wonderful experienced and professional people. All the very best to the organizers and members and I am sure this workshop will be life changing and will bring new hope to new comers to deal with stuttering 🙂 once again congratulations to everyone

  4. Author
    Vikas Ranga 5 months ago

    We are trying to make it one of the best workshop organised by TISA till now…keep supporting

  5. Hemant Jangid 5 months ago

    Good initiative by delhi Shg team

    एक सलाह :
    Registration confirmation मे preference ऐसे उम्मीदवारों को दें ,जो सबसे ज्यादा जरुरतमंद हो । confirmation से पहले उनसे फोन पर बात की जा सकती है । कभी कभी जरुरतमंद से ज्यादा तरजीह पिकनिक/तफरीह मनाने के उद्देश्य आने वाले उम्मीदवारों को मिल जाती है

    अगर “अतिथि देवो भव: ” को टिसा वास्तव मे मानता है तो दिल्ली के बाहर से आये pws भी delhi वालों के लिये अतिथि ही हुए ।
    “Indian pws is ALSO as much stammerer as me or you and need some help”,so help them ,serve them

    Good luck

    • Author
      Vikas Ranga 5 months ago

      sure…we are talking to them and then only confirming their seats…so please help us in spreading information of this workshop to all stammerers who really needs it.. we will be highly thankful to you….

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  7. vishal 4 months ago

    wow lovely delhi SHG organizer 🙂 i can see a huge transformation Kudos to WS TEAM 🙂 i think isee achi workshop nhi ho skti hai 🙂 everyone who are new must join this workshop

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