My Journey – 9

Hello friends , after a long time I am writing post and thanks to delhi workshop that I am writing about myself on this blog.

Myself, Ramandeep singh , A middle class agricultural family background boy , having big dreams …. But stammering come across my path of dreams every time – while facing job interviews , while applying for college , while preparing for competitive exams and in every sphere of life. I did my schooling from my village school and after it , I went kota for preparing IIT JEE exam . My first major  hindrance in life due to stammering was when I have to apply for college after clearing IIT JEE exam . Due to some reasons and being an introvert due to stammering , I did not take advice of anyone and filled choices for IITs . I have to loss IIT seat due to my own mistake – not taking others guidance for IITs seat feeling. One close uncle of mine told me to meet a person who has knowledge about it but I didn’t meet him and I filled up wrong choices and eventually lost IIT BOMBAY seat.

After I had done NITs counselling and here also I didn’t take any advice and landed in a newly opened NIT – NIT DELHI. As all stammerers face various problems , I also faced in my life during school and college – while it being viva , asking question – I never asked doubt in my life – mujhe sab aata thaa,…..HaHa….., answering question – I write down answers of questions asked by teacher – thanks to this activity – my writing speed is very fast……Thanks Stammering……

Now comes placement session in college – I have cleared almost all companies written round but in interviews – I lost all . I rejected by 10 big companines – 10 big companies – I didn’t prefer going in mass recruiters like Infosys , IBM etc …. Ye to whi hua – kuchh ko hum pasand nhi the aur kuchh hme pasand nhi thee….HaHa…smile… coming to this point , after getting so many rejections  – I did not lost the battle – I am still in the game and I can still win the game…Mujhe pata thaa ki – I will achieve my all big dreams but I didn’t know the path. pta nhi thaa ki kaise hoga??? But ab aata hai TISA – specially meeting with Sachin sir – once you meet him – you will start loving him- I bet……..

Now whole meaning of my life is changed , now I have found the path on which I have to walk to reach my destination. Now I am facing in right direction and all I have to do is to keep walking . But here also come a serious issue – I have seen many stammerers – after connecting with TISA – they feel satisfied because now all there frustrations and worries comes to an end – to some level – not whole – ….. I also fell in this trap but now  I know where I have to go and where I belongs .. never be satisfied with what you have – if you can dream more , then you can achieve more …. I am really thankful to all my fellow members – for your support and kindness – without you , I couldn’t reach at current level and I can’t react at my desired level. Keep supporting me and TISA family.  Stammering is not big issue  but lack of communication due to stammering is really a serious issue . In this age of dramatic ruthless competition , we have to empower ourselves not to oppress others but not to be oppressed by others .  That’s why we are conducting delhi Workshop this april .  So It is my humble request to join us on 22-23 April in delhi. We are putting serious efforts to make this workshop a life changing experience for all of us.

Forgive me for any mistake in this post ……

Thanks TISA Family and founding father Sachin sir……….

Raman ( feel free to contact 8285115785)

  1. Sachin 2 years ago

    Hmmm.. Yes, tisa is not a destination. Rather, it is like an unending path.. OR, to borrow a phrase from Krishnamurti, a path without path… Clap of one hand etc…
    But you are right. Tisa is NOT a magic for all problems of life. You still have to work. And work hard. All that tisa can do is to tell you: you are never alone. Your pain is real and matters.
    And tisa tries to do it without any discrimination or superficial diferen e may have – Not even on the basis of the special needs you may have.. People with dislexia, transgender, depression etc. are all on a similar path and we can and should change notes with them whenever we can …

  2. sunny 2 years ago

    sir.. add me on TISA whatsapp group no is 8439884647.. to overcome stammring problem…..haad h yar ye haklapan life ke progress mai hurdle h..

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