Delhi Workshop Agenda live now…….


                                                                         Delhi Workshop Agenda

DAY 1    22 April 2017                                  DAY 2 – 23 April 2017
S.No. Description Time Slot Host   S.No. Description Time Slot Host  
1 Introduction 9.30AM-10:00AM     1 Meditation/ video/ activity 9:30AM-10:00AM Ashish Agarwal  
2 Welcome speech 10:00AM-10:30AM Ashish Agarwal   2 Recap of day 1 10:00AM-10:30AM New Members  
3 Tisa intro + ground rules 10:30AM-10.50AM Ashish Agarwal   3 Open mike 10:30AM– 11:00AM New Members  
4 Acceptance + iceberg 10:50AM-11.20AM Ravi Jagga   4 Nervous system talk 11:00AM-11:45AM Shailender  
5 Breakfast 11:20AM-11:50AM   5 Breakfast 11:45AM-12:00PM  
6 Group formation 11:50AM-12:00PM Shailender   6 Transfluency talk 12:00PM-12:20PM Abhay Shanker  
7 Prolongation- 12:00PM-12.30PM Raman Maan   7 QA round 12:20PM-1:00PM Ashish+Ravi+Garima+Kushwah  
8 Bouncing 12:30PM-1:00PM Shailender   8 Real life Outdoor roleplay activity 1:00PM-2:00PM Shailender  
9 Presentation traffic signal 1:00PM-1:30PM Shailender   9 Lunch 2:00PM-2:30PM  
10 Lunch 1:30PM-2:00PM   10 Metro activity + feedback 2:30PM-3:50PM Ashish Agarwal  
11 Video Playing 2:00PM-2:10PM Shailender   11 Tea break 3:50PM-4:00PM  
12 Techniques 2 2:10PM-2:20PM Ashish Agarwal   12 Panel interview/ roleplay 4:00PM-5:00PM Garima  
13 Pausing 2:20PM-2:30PM Garima   13 Feedback 5:00PM-5:30PM Shailender  
14 Eye contact+Body Language activity 2:30PM-3:00PM Ashish + Garima   14 Post feedback 5:30PM-6:00PM Shailender  
15 Video Playing 3:00PM-3:15PM Shailender            
16 Thank U List 3:15PM-3:30PM Raman Maan            
17 Goal Setting, Positive Affirmation 3:30PM-4:00PM Raman Maan            
18 Tea 4:00PM-4:15PM            
19 Energizer Activity 4:15PM-04:30PM Shailender            
20 Video Playing 4:30PM-04:45PM Shailender            
21 Guest Speech 4:45PM-05:00PM Amit Sgh Kushwah            
22 Outdoor activity (address) 5:00PM-6.00PM Group Leaders            
23 Assemble at park and activity 6:00PM-7:30PM Garima
Assignment for the next day- All participants should note down their questions which would be answered the next day.  As this is tentative agenda , there might be some changes in final agenda… and hurry up guys … fasten your seat belts and get ready for DELHI WORKSHOP 2017 ……. if you have not registered for it , register fast because very very  less seats are available right now
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  1. Sachin 2 years ago

    Great work, Delhi group!

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