Sanjay Negi’s story – Delhi workshop biography challenge

Mmmyself S-s-s-sanjay N-n-negi and I am a person who ssstammers all my life till the very moment. I am 19 years old residing in Delhi. Basically I’m from Himachal pradesh but for graduation I came to Delhi. I am pursuing BA from PGDAV College Delhi University.  I denied all my life that I stammer, indeed I was very ashamed of my stammering and always hide it. I always considered stammering as something evil or bad and I shouldn’t do it. And that’s how this stammering issue becomes a major part of my life. I was so desperate to just get rid of stammering that with all the passing days I get more and more despaired. I was so devastated that l wasted my past 2 years in Delhi just because of stammering. I was always in a hurry to get cured from stammering that l did every quick things given on Internet which promises to cure stammering. And believe me after wasting my 2 years for a quick remedy for stammering without letting anyone know about my stammering l got nowhere.
My approach was that l wanted to cure my stammering as soon as possible, l substitute all the time when I spoke so that no one came to know that I stammer. I developed a hierarchy of situation from which l save myself to get confronted with. I stop calling on phones,  l text all the time instead of calling. I avoid people, situation and talk very less so that l cannot get caught. But it was not a good thing for a long run.
And after a long search for eloquence my life took a turn and anyhow
I came in contact with TISA. My perception towards stammering gets totally changed . I realize that stammering is just a thing and shouldn’t be given so much importance that it ruin your life.  I realize that stammering is our diversity, and I don’t need to be ashamed of it. I realize that it’s ok to stammer and didn’t need to hide it. I am in regular contact with SHG Delhi . I have attended 6-8 shg meetings and have hosted one of that meetings.  My whole approach towards stammering has now been changed and now l am totally focused on my communication skills. I love to be the part of TISA and I am very very excited for the workshop on 22-23 April and hope that it helps me more to be a good communicator.
At last it’s ok to stammer and I am a proud stammrer.

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