Bangalore SHG meet 14May

Hello everyone,

Date :14th may

Venue: Cubbon park

Participants : Asim, Dinesh, Mohith, Rajkumar, Vinayak.

Description :        Mid-Sunday SHG meeting of this month, May 14th, was coordinated by Rajkumar, I came around 11’o’ clock , we started of with introduction round. In which everyone introduced themselves (of course). Then we had a round of speaking random topics, in which we spoke about wide variety of topics ranging from aircrafts to Jhon Milton’s confession to god, from environment to, life experiences, from ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to ancient Indian aircrafts. In this round I understood how great the power of humanity is, how interrelated this civilization has been built by our ancestor homo sapiens monkey’s (with due respect). I, as a homo sapient marvel,  today, as I understood, “Human potential lies not in being independent, but being interdependent”— No wonder how many poems have described it. We were helping each other to solve our problems for mutual benefit.

           We then concluded our meeting by an extempore round–which again was on unique topics (as unique as our stuttering is). We spoke about places like Dehradun , Mangalore and about trees global warming etc . This is one such round in which we think and speak simultaneously with time pressure, which many stutters feel quite intimidating, but almost all of us seemed to get it right.

I don’t agree with everything John Donne wrote, but he was right when he said ‘NO MAN IS AN ISLAND’–This is my take from today’s meeting. And probably we’re getting more and more confident while speaking (I am). I would like to conclude by thanking TISA and all the members associated with it. THANKS

                                                                                   Best regards,



  1. Tarunidhar 2 years ago

    Very well written Rajkumar.

  2. Sachin 2 years ago

    I too, 20 years ago, thought that becoming “independent” is and should be the goal of life. Now, with TISA behind me, I smile and realize how mistaken I was! Realizing how everything is connected with everything else and beyond- is the acme of wisdom. TISA too happened because some of us began to suspect that seeking fluency alone for oneself, is never going to work. The “connecetedness” we were looking for could never have come out of a clinic or a paid program.. This is how a community came into being, true power of which is felt in NCs and can be glimpsed here on the web in different posts..

  3. Hithesh N L 2 years ago

    I want to join your team… how can i join. i am staying in Bangalore. Please let me know

    • Author
      Raj Kumar 2 years ago

      We have meetings every sunday at cubbon park 10 am. You can join…

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