Experience & Queries – Vipassana (विपश्यना)

विपश्यना …. let’s break this word for better understanding. वि-विशेष पश्यना-देखना (विशेष रूप से देखना )..but it doesn’t mean to imagine while observing on other hands it does mean to observe reality as it is… without any imagination…

Recently I completed my first Vipassana course.


Centre Name: Dhamma Vahini 

Address: Runde Village, Titwala, Maharashtra 421605

Date Of Course: 15 July’17 to 26 July’17


It was 10 days course. Center is 6 Km away from Titwala station and one easily can get sharing auto for Dhamma-Vahini (Rs. 50 per seat). I reached the center at around 3.30 PM. The registration process has already been started from 2.00 PM.One need to have ID proof photocopy along with original ID. I submitted documents and mobile phone, they allotted room to me. I kept luggage in my room.  We all have been instructed to gather in the hall for meeting and snacks. They told us rules and timetable to be followed for following 10 days.(All rules and timetable available on site)

Day 0:(15 July’17)

Gave Instruction about next day.

Day 1 to Day 3 :

Aanapan (Keeping keen attention to your breath.)

Daily we all were doing Sadhana for 10 hrs and 1.30 hr discourse by late S.N.Goenka. So it was painful initially. In case you have any back issue they can provide you a chair on request.

Day 4 (Vipassana Day) to Day 9:

On 4th day they taught us Vipassana.Til day 9 we all were practicing Vipassana. From day 5 it becomes easy to sit for 12 hrs.

Day 10 (Maitri Day):

They taught us new Sadhana Mangal Maitri sadhana. The silence was broke after Mangal Matri.We get our mobile phone at 4.30 PM and it was useless cause there was no signal rather you will end up staring at your phone.

Day 11:

we were surprised to know that day 11 will start at 4.30 AM. 4.30 AM to 6.30AM prayer and discourse. After we had our breakfast and we left towards our home.

Below answering few common queries one may ask before Vipassana:

  • What are basic requirements for joining Vipassana?
    • only your mindset.
  • what kind of food has been served?
    • the food was really good, healthy.
  • How much does it cost?
    • it’s free
  • Why is it free?
    • They really have a valid reason for that. In India, people got mindset if the thing is costly it must be good if it is not so costly it must not be worthy.Please do visit center before assuming anything.
  • What type of accommodation will they provide single or sharing basis?
    • At Dhamma-Vahini most of the rooms were single and some were double sharing basis. Rooms were clean and all essential amenities were available.
  • I am on medication need food at evening in order to take medicine, can I still join the course?
    • yes, you can. They will provide you food, you will just need to talk with the teacher over there.
  • is it safe for girls? (most common question by parents)
    • yes, it is safe.
  • what are rules? And time table?
    • All the rules and time table is available on the site.
  • what is Vipassana?
    • It’s really impossible to explain what it is and I just has completed my first vipassana course so I am not a right person to tell what Vipassana is.
    • In order to keep vipassana pure Dhamma center is using Audio and Video of S.N.Goenkaji to teach vipassana.So that no one can add anything extra. Being human being as we tend to apply Mirch-Masala. :P.. so if you are really interested please search S.N.Goenka Vipassana over youtube you will get many interviews of him. check them.
  • which religion does it belong?
    • it doesn’t symbolize any religion.
  • which center should I join for vipassana?
    • You can join any center as the core content (audio and video by S.N.Goenka ji)is same at each place.
  • why should I do this?
    • who doesn’t want to be happy in life? Vipassana can give you a reason for that and it will definitely change your view towards life.
  • Will it cure my stammering?
    • I kept this question in last intentionally cause we give too much importance to our stammering we should stop doing that and should try to focus on other things too.
    • Vipassana is much much more than curing anything.
    • It is not really related to stammering directly. But Vipassana will definitely help you to accept yourself as you are without shame or guilt.
    • Vipassana will help to keep your mind calm and stable.

(Above are the questions asked by people to me after completing Vipassana course )

I will like to share an incident after Vipassana, I was in Big Bazaar, was at the cash counter. The person asked me if I am having the card. Then that was the worst time he asked me my number. generally, I stammer like hell on numbers and if it’s my mobile number then it’s miserable. But on that day I told my number calmly ,with proper break. My mind was cool, my heart beats were normal cause generally we people tend to have high heart beat, an unstable mind. indirectly Vipassana can help you to manage your stammer by helping you to manage not manage to accept your emotions. Even Vipassna believes in acceptance. :)…..


…………………. Be Happy..










  1. Sanjiv Banerji 11 months ago

    That was a very helpful description of your visit, participation and experience. It helped me think about doing it.

    The only thing that concerned me was 10 hours of sitting on the ground (I guess?). But you did mention chairs are available on request, so great!

    Thank you for the information once again, Bhavana. And oh yes, you write well!

  2. Gaurangi 11 months ago

    Amazing write up!! So proud of you, keep writing. Lots of love!

  3. Dinesh 11 months ago

    Thanks Bhavana for the wonderful review.
    I had been to this Titwala Centre for my 2nd Vippassana stint.. Its a good one, need to watch out for few scorpions though! 🙂
    In my opinion its a must, for everyone – stutter or no stutter!

    Our learnings and view points get limited due to the routine rut, trying something different does throw a never before experienced fresh perspective of life!

  4. Sandesh 11 months ago

    Nicely written
    Congrats on completing your first course.
    Vipassana has helped me develop my confidence and also helped me to come out of some addictions .
    All the best ???

  5. Sachin 11 months ago

    I totally agree with your thoughts on “Will it cure my stammering?”, Bhavna!
    Many of us chose to have a monogamous, lifelong faithful relationship with our stammering and therapy! Nothing else!
    It is 21st century, and it is time to raise our gaze- and explore what ELSE life has to offer.
    To the skeptic out there, I just want to say- Do go for this therapist OR that Intensive program/ gadget, but do CHECK out Vipassna too. You dont stand to lose anything- just ten days out of your LONG life- and a little money spent on traveling.. Nothing more.

    Bhavna, many thanks for sharing your thoughts! Let it keep coming in torrents..
    (Hoping to see you in Ch- Cha- Chandigarh! )

    • Author
      Bhavana 11 months ago

      Yes sir, finly It’s fix now I ll be coming to ch-ch ‘chandigarh…. super excited fr NC.. 🙂

  6. Snehal AS 11 months ago

    So proud of you BhAvAnA!!! I have always liked the efforts you took to fight all your emotions playing within yourself. And yes very well written piece of information. The beautiful way in which you have mentioned your experience itself shows your positive and calm state of mind. As I always say Keep Writing more!! ?
    God Bless You Always ? Loads of love?

  7. Ravi Sharma 11 months ago

    Bhavana, this is so wonderful and encouraging. So elated to see the change in you!!!!

  8. Shailender 11 months ago

    I read the story. It is very helpful. You people are so lucky to attend the vipassana course. I am too want to attend Vipassana course from last two years. But as per hectic schedule not able to attend the Vipassana course.

    Bhavna your story give me a little more hope to attend the Vipassana course in future.

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