SHG meet Bangalore [27/August/2017]

***Love the most to make the most of it***


Winter has striked so hard this time that it has affected not only Westeros (only GoT fans would know :P) but Bangalore as well. Sorry for being cinephilic in my writing but this is what we are learning in SHG meeting every Sundays. “Love a thing so much that it becomes part of you, here Speaking”. We all love movies, music, art, fashion and what not and that becomes part of our every moment because of our affinity towards it. We keep thinking about our favourite scenes in the movies, haunting tunes from the songs and the list goes on. When we love something, learning becomes easier. Similarly when speaking becomes our passion, learing it would be easier as well.

It’s quite daring to attempt to think something like this for those who are reading this unless you accidently ventured here. But why not, set your goals so high that chasing them becomes a challenge because that’s what drives us all. That’s what helps in making our life meaningful.

This morning was again one such example where people from TISA bangalore gathered and did what we love most; Practise speaking. Seeing familiar faces in every meeting boosts moral and thrives us in keeping in mind the techniques to be used in the real world scenario.

The meeting starts with the Introduction round with Vinayak, Nikhil, Abdul, Ahmed and Sudhanshu. That was a interactive round where people asked question about various incidences of our life.

Then came the extempore round where each of were given a random topic to speak about. There was no time restriction this time as we had lot of time to express ourselves.

The last round was a Round Robin story telling. That did pull out creativity in us to make story on the fly and expressing our ideas. The round turned out to be funny and refreshing as well.

We all dispersed saying good bye to glamorous weather witnessed in Cubbon park and of course to each other.

Keep Learning!!!

  1. rajkumar 11 months ago


  2. Sachin 11 months ago

    Yes, love makes everything easy and meaningful…
    Another saying:
    “Work is Love made visible”
    Cheers to SHGBLR!!

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