Welcome JP!

Friends, I have stepped down and JP is the new president of TISA from 1st October 2017. I have spent sometime with him and others recently in Chandigarh on the morning of Oct 1st, as we talked about the foundational values, Volunteerism, Self-help and Acceptance etc..  From Infosys to banking sector, JP too has matured in a stable and wise person since 2007 – and is now available to help Harish, in guiding this movement and this community. I will be focusing on moocs and communication workshops and other endeavors, God willing.. Wish me all the best!

I too wish all of you, all the best in coming years and for the festive season ahead – and thank you sincerely! Keep talking and keep walking .. and yes, let there be many celebrations of who you are.

  1. Shobhit 11 months ago

    Many congrats to JP and very best of luck for mooc Sachin sir.

  2. Bhupendra Singh Rathore 11 months ago

    Thanks sachin sir for your selfless service . And congratulations JP sir for new responsibility.

  3. Vishal Gupta 11 months ago

    many congratulation JP SIR !!!!

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