“All eyes on goal” – Bangalore meet 21-01-2018

Myself Nishil and i will walk you through the events that transpired in our shg meet today in Cubbon Park.




Crew :(Left to Right)
Nishil, Chetan, Sudhanshu, Raul, Anand,  Ravi, Ankit, Aseem





The First Activity 
We had 4 new additions to the TISA family,  we got to know about each other during the introduction activity.

The second activity was impromptu speech
Each speaker had to give one topic to the next speaker. This activity exercised our creative side to come up with instant responses.

The third activity was to recount our morning till we reached shg.
Each person had to speak minimum 5 minutes on the as to how the morning was – Conscious time from waking up till reaching shg a good 2-4 hrs

Though looking simple enough it was a daunting task to recollect specifics details of the morning as most observations are just lived through and nothing gets registered in the brain.
A simple example would be – got up, checked the phone, read newspaper, got ready, took a vehicle and popped in shg at 10.AM ( less than 10 seconds)
During this how much info did we retain and recollect from the newpaper, what was the weather like in the morning , how many
ppl were in the bus , anything usual or unusual we saw during the journey , what songs did we listen en route. All these
minor details get skipped or are not paid attention to.

Attention to detail in the present will be lacking as our mind wanders relentlessly from the time we wake up till lights out at night.

Fourth Activity – Skip the Number
After an exhaustive mind churn we played a small game of counting numbers.

The Fifth activity was Setting  Goals
To better ourselves – we need a goal and a timeline to achieve it.

A 3 month timeline is set as to milestone to achieve it. Each person had to speak his heart out, on his objective of showing up in shg.
What does he hope to achieve ( Practice technique, Gain confidence, Overcome stage fear, Improve Communication, sharing)
Where does he need help, ( Monitoring , feedback direct- indirect, Audio/Vedio recording )
When will he be able to deliver speech/ presentations – Number of speeches by April End.

At last we had a discussion on feedback, how should we use effectively the time and feedbacks in shg.
Per activity feedback ( secondary symptoms, English, Eye Contact) etc

It was already 12.45 and we had new generation dancers bugging us to occupy the big hut for their dance practice. We bid
farewell to each other again and our four legged companions to meet next week.

Thanks all for your presence ,



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