TISA Bhopal workshop experience

My name is M.K.HARSH and I am from Bhopal(M.P),India .My age is 19 and i am a severe stammerer and have been stammering from last 17 years .
This was my first TISA workshop. Initially I was in dilemma whether to attend the workshop because I had taken speech therapy from bhopal but with zero results.Then I contacted to our Bhopal SHG head Mr. Jagdish mewada sir , he told me to just register for the communication workshop and you will see the difference yourself. Then half heartedly i registered for the communication workshop .
First day of workshop ( 17 Feb 2018)
I had done my practice in the morning and I was confident that I will give my introduction fluently but as soon as I entered the conference Hall , my mind was numb , anxiety level was high and I stammered at each and every word of my introduction from good morning to last sound of my name .
But here was the surprise package, each and every person listened to me so patiently.
Then after the introduction session there was meditation and vipassana session . That session calmed me down .
During breakfast I had a brief conversation with most down to earth person I had met in my life Mr. dhruv Gupta sir and he calmed me down completely.
After breakfast , we had a interview session in which we were divided in a group of 2 and we had to interview our partner and then we were told that we have to read out loud what we had written about our partner’s life from birth till date .
After interview session , comes the most challenging and best round of the workshop that was stranger talk in which we had to go out in the market and then we were asked to talk to people in either bouncing technique or prolongation technique. I had personally conversed with 8-10 stranger . My stammering was high but strangers listened to me patiently . That day my misconception was shattered. Earlier from that day I thought that no one has enough time to listen to a stammerer and people will laugh. But believe my friends not a single person laughed on me .
Day 1 ended at 7 pm in the evening .
Second day of workshop (18 Feb 2018)
On day 2 there was a slight recap that what we had learnt from day 1 .
 Abhinav singh  sir briefed us about why practicing speech therapy everyday is so much important.Then he had briefed us about bouncing and prolongation technique.
After that we had a chat session with Dr. Sachin shrivastava sir that session was simply amazing. He also told us to just accept your stammering and practice the therapy regularly .
Then during lunch I conversed with dhruv sir because he is such an inspirational person and he told me to practice the therapy regularly for six months and use bouncing in your regular life . You will see the difference automatically .
After lunch session , we had a roadmap session in which we were asked to write a roadmap for yourself for next 6 months and then we had to read it aloud .
Then after roadmap session , there was a discussion to how to make Bhopal SHG strong and how to add new members in Bhopal shg.
Then we dispersed from the workshop .
My learnings from the workshop –
1. Acceptance is the key . A stammerer can solve his 80 percent problems by accepting his or her stammering.
2. Communication is a two way process , in which we listening is also equally important . 
3. Patience , determination, self confidence is the key to success .
Facilities that were available at the workshop –
Facilities were just awesome . The food was tasty and nice and all the facilities were superb .
At last , a big big thank you to Amit Singh kushwaha sir for conducting first TISA workshop in Bhopal .
I am excited to meet stammerers from India as well as from abroad at national conference of TISA at Banglore .
* M K harsh
  1. Satyendra Srivastava 11 months ago

    Thanks Harsh, for such a detailed feed back… well done!

  2. M k harsh 11 months ago

    Thanks sir.

  3. Adz 7 months ago

    Very nice initiative, way to go!

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