I stammer ? How to manage my stammering at workplace | Job versus Stammering

You can watch this video, this is live YouTube streaming where I have received 3-4 question from live users from India, I hope this video will help you to understand deep approach to tackle the stammering | Beware – its not about curing the stammering but its about how you can work with pride and attitude by working on your personality and attitude.

  1. Bhupendra Singh Rathore 10 months ago

    Awesome Vedio , Vishal Sir . You are a inspiration for us all in TISA. Your Courage and Acceptance is a path for us all , on which we all need to walk . Having Attitude is really important in life , it gives us big things in life. Thanks Vishal Sir for sharing this vedio . Just the thing needed for our fellow PWS . Thanks ! 😊

  2. satyendra 10 months ago


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