Ahmedabad SHG at DIU, gujarat

Hello Friends !

I would like to share a small Experience of DIU trip with Ahmedabad SHG .
After successfully Completion of 1st Gujarat communication workshop we made plan to celebrate in special way , so as jointly we have decided to visit DIU (Mini Goa) for 2 days
So Journey started with Excitement , And you may See some Glimpse of our tour as we have recorded a Vlog video.

after the trip we felt one common thing is, we used to suppress our feelings, thoughts due to stammering when we go outside for a trip with other friends (school or college friends) but this time with Ahmedabad SHG we enjoyed a lot, even we did not think about stammering for a single time during the trip and we accept ourselves as we are, had a great time & we enjoyed a lot on that day. -smit, ketul.

# हकलाओ मगर प्यार से।
# TISA Ahmedabad SHG
# Proud to be a Stammerer.
Thank You .


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