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Written by Dr. Sachin   
Thursday, 19 May 2011 20:49

TISA has received a complaint and the following emails from a member, Sanjib Talukedar, which he sent to Mr Partho Bagchi of Stammering Cure Center, Banglore, recently - and has received NO reply. He has spent Rs 21,000 plus and much precious time, chasing the "Cure" which Stammering Cure Center, run by Mr Partho Bagchi, prominently advertises and promises.


First Email: Sanjib to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it on May 04, 2011

Dear Partha Sir,

Hope you are fine, in good health and spirit. Hows your stammerng cure centre going on? As for me I am fine, completed my first year MBA but still with that quail stammering voice. Practice,practice,practice.... and I practised as you have said with the hope that one day I will be free like a bird flying from the cage of so called enchained bondage of stammering. I still stutter and I am fine with it, no feelings of shame or embarassement externally, though sometimes the heart bleeds inside. I have practised as you have said , but the so called fluency still evades me.

The slow speaking style...is that what you mean by fluency? Now how to speak slowly when the time frame of presentation in class is strictly assigned10-12 minutes by some of the professors.I went to your place first in 2002 for a correspondence course (Rs 4000 ), went to attend your class (14 days)in 2007( Rs 8000 ) and again retook your classes in 2009 ( Rs 9000).I practised as you have said for 8 months,1 year, - more than 1 year and still I stutter.You might say to me "Oh, Sanjib you are speaking nonsense,you have not practised, the fault is in you that you have not been able to recover".

Thats fine with me cause I have been informed that you reply the same way to some of  your ex-students and even to a member of my group who attended your class, who failed to cure themselves. Its still ok cause you are right and I am wrong, I am a dumbo who has not been able to cure myself. But is stammering really curable?

After reading a lot of materials, interacting with a number of self help groups in India and abroad and talking with a few speech therapists, I have come to learn that stammering is controllable and not curable. Your claim that "stammering is not a phsycial disorder , it is a bad habitual pshycological problem, that  stammering is not a disease, there is no medicine or instrument to cure it, that it occurs due to lack of confidence, fear, nervousness excitement and anticipation of blocking" is totally wrong.The cause of stammering is still not known; reasearch has shown that stammering actually has a neurological disorder problem when a stutterer tries to produce a sound or when there is a transition from one word to another.

Tell me one thing sir--Do you think you have been able to overcome  your stammering problem. Many a times and my friends also agreed that you fumble while spelling out certain words but you then control it. My deepest apology for saying this but I just want to reveal the truth.

I would just like to ask you a few questions.Do you still think that stammering is curable? What post treatment service ( follow up ,moral support ) you give to the students after attending your course and more importantly, if me or any one of my friends again go to Bangalore Centre and request you to help us (since we have not been able to overcome this problem) would you be kind enough to help us by holding free sessions or charge us again with the course fee? I beleive you are a man of integrity and honesty and you will reply to my questions since the smile on our face is your greatest satisfaction.

Waiting for your kind reply.

Best Regards,

Sanjib Talukdar


Second Email: Sanjib to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it on May 14, 2011

Dear Sir,
Kindly can you reply to my queries that I have asked in my previous email.I am waiting for your reply.However this is the last time I am asking you for an answer,please have the integrity and sensibility to answer my questions.


Sanjib Talukder.


Till today, Sanjib has received no reply. It is anybody's guess why there is no reply. There is nothing to reply! Money has changed hands and the receipt (below) clearly states that it is not refundable. And there is no "cure", as any knowledgeable Speech Therapist knows very well.



We Indians are not “whistle blowers” usually. We are courteous and polite people! We believe that "status quo" has been granted by our Karma, and it should continue! We are even more polite, if we happen to be stammerers. A very common attitude among us is: “If therapy has not helped me, it must be my fault, never the therapist's. Let me not offend anyone by asking questions..”  But can five (just 5) people (out of 18000) come forward and say that they have REALLY been cured by SCC?

No one comes forward, even when Sanjib requests. And this is how the old game goes on; Everyone keeps quiet and people keep on 'curing' stammer, year after year, for thousands of rupees; they even manage to get National Awards for this!! This is how SCC puts such erroneous and misleading claims on their public website, unchallenged:

“After serving India for the last 19 years and curing more than 18000 people my confidence level has boosted up to such a level that any sort of stammering is curable in a maximum period of two weeks.
Now I would like to offer my consultancy services to people of other countries in the form of “FRANCHISEE”.

Look at some more specimens of how SCC mis-informs people and confuses them into buying their questionable services (is this what experts from Kansas came to learn from SCC? who were they by the way?):

Under causes of stammering, it lists:

  • An after effect of certain serious illness such as typhoid, malaria, prolonged fever, convulsion etc;
  • Feeling of insecurity in the early age of school;
  • Strict, rude & rough guardianship;
  • Sudden physical or mental shock;
  • Shy or introvert nature from childhood;
  • If the child is weak or sickly;
  • If one is frightened of every little thing

(NB: If the above were true more than 50% of children and adults should be stammering.)

Elsewhere, Mr Partho Bagchi claims:

"You may be surprised when I am claiming confidently that stammering is curable and that too within two weeks. I am giving you this assurance after curing thousands of people very successfully." (can he share IDs of five such people with TISA?)

Finally, it uses emotional blackmail on parents:

"Inspite of giving excellent education and other facilities to your children, unless you take prompt steps to cure the stammering problem of your children, everything will be wasted. They will also blame you life long for not taking immediate steps for curing their problem..."

We hereby suggest that Stammering Cure Centre, Banglore, promptly refund the entire fee charged to Sanjib Talukedar, offer a public apology for misleading him through false claims of cure, wasting his time & energies, causing him distress and pain, and should remove misleading claims about "Cure in two weeks" from its website at the earliest.

We stand united with Sanjib ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).


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