• Shreyas KJ posted an update 7 months ago

    SHG REPORT 16/09/18 Hyderabad

    It was around 10:45 am when i reached janagam vengalrao park, hyderabad. I was looking for the other people in the park as i didn’t met these people before. And after some time i found a group of 4 people discussing among them(They were literally waiting for 45 minutes for the others to come), as i see them one of my previous SHG mate waves his hand at me and i was happy enough to meet new friends @SHG.
    A casual shakehands exchanged between us and we started our SHG meeting!! By the way, the meeting saw all the faces and directions of the park, as we were desperately looking for better place in park to start off the meeting in peace.
    After meeting started, each person went on to introduce themselves with bouncing technique and it quietly went well with a good bouncing practice and this time we all got to know well about other people. Thinking about next what should we do, we arrived at ”Table Topic concept” and each was able to explain their topic in a nice way! In this round shilpa expressed her views nicely on dropping of section 377 and she also shared one of her experience of seeing LGBT people organizing events like that. It was very knowledgeable and relatable also. After this we had a short formal Group Discussion where we expressed our views on social media and its impact on us. and we concluded the meeting by discussing plans for next week SHG. And ofcourse we went to have our lunch at servi restaurant( very delicious food, you got to try once when you come to hyderabad 🙂 )

    Learnings : 1. How to speak with bouncing technique.
    2. How to manage your speech when unknown topic is shooted @ you.
    3. Group Discussion practice.

    New to SHG : Vinod is new to SHG and he made it to the meeting with a bold move striking off his fear towards meeting new people and expressing himself. I feel this meeting is first step towards building confidence in you. I hope you will make it to future meetings also.

    Note : This is my first writing and i am trying to improve as a writer so sorry if i bored you people 🙂


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