From the foothills of Himalaya

A group of Canadian University students visited Samagra for four weeks. One of their Inquiry themes is Disability. They were shown two movies about stammering: ‘Unspeakable’ and ‘Courage to Speak’. They were taken to local schools where they interacted with a group of children with special needs, many dealing with speech issues. They have developed an understanding of the issue and plan to serve such children back home. Before leaving India, they will be giving a brief presentation, among other things, on what they have understood of stammering and related issues.
Samagra is a charitable public trust working in the foothills near Dehradun, both as a place for spiritual sadhana and meaningful social work.
Pictures above, First: the group undertaking a ‘trust walk’ to experience disability first hand. Second pic: a scene from John Paskievich’s ‘Unspeakable’ – a movie which documents how stammering affects people- deeply and diversely; and ways forward.


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