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“The Indian Stammering Association (TISA) intends to develop a database of Indian People Who Stammer (IPWS). This will include IPWS residing in various states of India as well as abroad. The aim of the database is to connect IPWS with each other so that they can share their feelings. TISA believes that the database will also contribute towards formation of more Self-Help Groups (SHGs) across the country. Therefore, TISA requests you to furnish your 1) Name and contact details and 2) Information on profession/work. Kindly note that TISA is NOT planning to upload this database on internet as of now and the database will be only shared with other IPWS. TISA looks forward to hear from all of you.”

Sachin and Akash

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  1. Sachin 11 years ago

    Dear Akash- yours was a good idea..!


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