A teacher who understands..

TISA wishes to sincerely thank Smruti Bulsari, and teachers like her, who believe in walking that extra mile, and a little more, to help children with special needs. Many PWS know very well, how a glance, full of understanding, could lighten their inner burden, while struggling in an environment, where oral communication was sine qua non- highly emphasised and valued. Here is an excerpt from her email to Dr Akash Acharya:

“Akash, it is nice that you have forwarded this issue to TISA. If you want some more information, I will be happy to share with you and TISA. I personally think that, it is first the parents’ role and then teachers’ role to see that such people get fair treatment in the society. I have read the blogs of TISA and I am aware what kind of difficulty and humiliation they face in the society.

I will surely ask the students to meet you personally, but many a times I have observed that because of this speech problems, they are hesistant to meet unknown people. However, I will try to see that they meet you. I will guide them to the TISA blog as well…”

Smruti, thank you very much for your undersatnding. Keep in touch.

Post Author: Sachin