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Vishal Dadha of Chennai Chapter scored a major victory against public apathy and incomprehension by registering a complaint with Advt Standard Council of India against an insensitive ad; Here is the reply, he received:

“Thank you for your concern for Self-Regulation in Advertising.Â
ASCI is a voluntary self-regulatory council, registered as a not-for-profit
Company under section 25 of the Indian Cos.Act. The sponsors of the ASCI, who
are its principal members, are firms of considerable repute within Industry in
India, and comprise Advertisers, Media, Ad.Agencies and other Professional
/Ancillary services connected with advertising practice.  The ASCI is not a
Government body, nor does it formulate rules for the public or for the relevant
industries.The Purpose and the Mission of the ASCI is spelt out clearly in our
We are sending you (hard copy) the informative literature on ASCI functions and
activities. Meanwhile, please visit our website  which
provides details of the ASCI, our role, functions and responsibilities in the
pursuit of Self-Regulation in Advertising in India, in the interest of consumers
and as a service to practitioners in Advertising.
The complaint under reference was considered by the Consumer Complaints Council
(CCC) at their meeting held on 23rd October 08, at which time the CCC viewed
the TVC.

The information provided by the Advertiser was deliberated at length and the
issues involved were considered.

We are in the process of reviewing with the Advertiser, the observations made at
the meeting. We shall advise you of the outcome by 20th November 08.

Alan Collaco
Secretary General

ASCI, 219, Bombay Market Bldg, 78 Tardeo Rd., Mumbai 400034.”

More people need to write to ASCI and other bodies, when they notice an ad in poor / questionable taste..

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    Ajit Potdar

    (November 10, 2008 - 1:54 am)

    Good Work Done Vishal.Thanks Sachinji for posting the reply.

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