Koi Mil Gayaaa..

Hetal Vin has shared the following link about Hrithik. http://entertainment.in.msn.com/bollywood/article.aspx?cp-documentid=1704498

Yes, I admire Hrithik, for acting as well as sheer ‘presence’- and now, even more, since he has the humility and guts to talk about his difficulties. My personal experience is, when I talk about my stamering, it melts away- and many people feel disappointed! Just to satisfy them, I throw in some g-g-good ba-ba-bouncing in my speech.. Yes, I think many more people, especially if they are public icons, should open up and talk about real life issues. This truly helps. And stammering, they must talk about. When adults behave as if there is a conspiracy of silence, where stammering is concerned, then the life of a little child who stammers- becomes real hell. She or he can not talk and ask for help because, in his/ her eyes, it is a forbidden, shameful topic. Are parents and teachers listening?


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