As we gear up to plan Chennai (and Vijaywada?) one day open sessions, I find following lines from Tanveer (a trustee in BSA and a core group member of TISA) quite relevant.

“..(National level conference) is a big plan and after the excitement dies down you realise, you dont know how and where to start…
You need to have grassroot level body. start by having a self help group. then contact with other self help group. take initiative to help others in forming self help group. get more members and give them responsibility. slowly form a network of selg help group and from a meeting..does not have to be national..maybe a state meeting of all groups in maharastra for eg.
then be in touch woth other groups in other states. then in together to form a national association. then go for a conference.

I know this seems like a long way till you have an association. but frankly all national associations started that way.
1. so concentrate on forming local bodies.
2. hold a mini one day conference (called open day) where you hold a few workshops/create awreness. you will need to invite PWS, speech therapist and parents/families of PWS. his means making public aware of the event.
if many such one day events are held in different places, its much better than a 3 day conference in one place.
Let’s organise a small event first. if one cannot organise a small one day event, how can he/she be expected to organise a national conference.
then once a small event is organised, more people will get to know. get involved, get inspired to join and support.
lemme know how this suggestion helps


BTW, Tanveer is getting married on 26th Decemeber! (password, where needed is – wedding)
If you are anywhere close to Guwahati, do drop in to wish him.


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